Who Is Danny

I am a Content Marketing, SEO and Social Media Trainer and Consultant based in North London, with 12 years experience in SEO, 7 years in content marketing and social media.

I have worked in the most competitive markets, covering  and I have ran large search and social teams agency side and in-house most recently I oversaw European teams for RetailMeNot, including (UK) vouchercodes.co.uk, (FR) bons-de-reduction.com, ma-reduc.com, (DE) deals.com and (NL) actiepagina.nl.

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What Danny Does

I problem solve, typically helping CMO’s, Heads of Marketing, Search and Social Media Leads get the most out of their teams and resources.

I can work independently or alongside teams to solve current issues and develop long term holistic strategies.

It would be great to help you and your team/business.

Let’s work together!

How Danny Works

I get my hands dirty, I understand your mission statement, I ask the right questions to get the right answers so I can deep dive into your site and data to fix your issues.

Transparency is key for me, I keep you up to date at every move and recommend dedicated systems to create clear roadmaps.
I am not afraid of to be frank and tell you what you might not want to hear however I will tell you and work with you and the team to improve your results.

I develop the documents you require, no huge long documents for no reason and if you require a large detailed strategy document I will happily deliver this.

Let’s work together!

The Verticals Danny Have Worked In

Money saving, classifieds, property (real estate), travel, mortgage, finance, high end fashion and e-commerce.

Previous clients include: RetailMeNot, eBay, Gumtree, Zoopla, Tesco, TUI Group (including First Choice and Holiday Hypermarket), farfetch and Dealchecker.

Let’s work together!

What Danny Did In 2014

  • Worked with over 20 businesses
  • Helped 4 start ups
  • Helped businesses across multiple industries including: FMCG, sports, e-commerce, discounting, finance, money transfer, price comparison and luxury travel.
  • Hosted 8 content marketing workshops across Europe
  • Hosted E-commerce content marketing training for The Content Marketing Show & BrightonSEO
  • Spoke at a handful of conferences, covering content marketing and social media.
  • Judge for the Social Media Awards
  • Advisor to a creative marketing agency and app company

Featured and Interviewed In:

Danny Denhard as seen in

Discussing social commerce, SEO, impact of content marketing, social media changes and user experiences.

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