Danny Denhard

I am a highly motivated, performance and data-driven marketing leader with over 18 years marketing leadership experience.


I am currently the Marketing Director and on the senior leadership team at the world’s largest giving platform and giving marketplace JustGiving.
I develop the business and company growth strategies, I am responsible for marketing operations and a business lead for our hyper growth product JustGiving Crowdfunding which saw 70% growth YoY.

The past:

  • I was the founder of Denhard Media, a consultancy that helped Marketing Directors, VP’s, CMO’s and founders of market leaders, challenger brands and start-ups create their marketing strategies, campaigns and provided bespoke training programs.
  • Advised two companies; a mobile app company and a disruptive art startup.
  • Led teams across Europe, including UK, France, Germany and Holland.
    I have worked with some of the largest global brands, working both in-house and led agencies to ensure the best possible results for my client’s campaigns.
  • I have worked across some of the toughest verticals including: money saving, classifieds, property, travel, mortgage, finance, high end fashion and e-commerce.
    Previous roles included: Head of Product, Head of Product Marketing and Head of Search. For full information happily, review on LinkedIn


Conference Speaker:
I have spoken at a number of conferences, covering wide and varying topics, including disrupting your own company, marketing strategy development and how to develop your social media strategy in the age of algorithmic filtering.
I have spoken at many in-house conferences, agency ran conferences and independent events across Europe including Great Britain, Austria and Germany.


I have featured in ReadWrite.comMarketingWeekDailyDot, Econsultancy, Guardian discussing social commerce, SEO, the impact of content marketing, social media changes and user experience.


I write a weekly must reads, including long reads, must watch video’s, the podcasts I recommend from the week and articles you are likely to have missed: