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Ello review

Anyone who knows me knows I’m an early adopter, I always jump on new apps and networks, I like to understand the system first and then understand if its worth my time or energy. Ello to those who do not know is a site that is the “ad-free network” or “open” alternative to Facebook. Despite…

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Mailbox for Mac Review

I’ve been using Mailbox for mac for the last couple of week’s and it’s quite an impressive app. I actually do not use the iPhone or iPad version of mailbox, it just didn’t help me manage my multiple inboxes – I did not feel I had a need for inbox zero on my mobile, as…

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Twitter introduces mobile buy button

Twitter have been working hard on turning its social network into an attractive offering to retailers. This year alone Twitter cards have become common place and more sophisticated, especially with the addition of amazon cart / amazon basket. Yesterday Twitter announced their latest move into social commerce, the buy button: currently the buy button is…

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