SEO Audits

In the current SEO landscape there are many updates a website can face, whether it is a manual review or an algorithm based review. Many of which we do see or understand without deeper analysis.

The aim of the audits is to provide you with actionable takeaways and recommendations to improve your sites performance, make technical changes to your site or portfolio and disavow or manually review potentially problematic backlinks.

I offer four different types of audits:

Top Level Audit – This audit reviews your domain, your domains history, metrics, link portfolio and internal factors. The top level audit breaks down problems and potential future issues, assigns individual ID’s and assigns priorities issues so you know what your business needs to amend and fix first.

Penalty Audit – There is a worry across many businesses especially within the marketing and SEO teams that your site(s) could potentially under threat of a search engine penalty. My penalty audit reviews key components of your site, it reviews not only your back link profile but your technical infrastructure and any onsite factors which could be or lead to a penalisation from Google.
This audit can be independent or worked with your existing team to ensure protection and future proofing or help your team through an existing penalty.

Full Technical Audit – This is more than just a site MOT. The full site audit reviews all of your on and off site activities and data, review your competitors and breaks down their performance, analyses your sites data and understands what is really happening to your site.

Full Program Audit – As the name suggests the full program audit analyses your current organic search offering. It includes all of the technical aspects of the full technical audit but also includes spending time and interviewing your existing staffing set up. The audit reviews your in-house team, the set up, how the team performs, reviews the current KPI’s and recommends how to amend your KPI’s to get the best output for your business and out of your staff.
The audit can also review your agency (whether they are supporting your team or work independently) and digs deep into their offerings, the work they produce and how their KPI’s are set up and recommends direct improvements to ensure you have the best set up possible for your business.

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