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My Digest Articles

A friend of my Ed Vinicombe has launched his new start up The Digest and it’s a content great platform around inspiring content and content to make you question what you are doing and how to improve. I have written a number of articles for The Digest and here are my first round of articles for…

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danny denhard podcast

Content Marketing Podcast with Render Positive

I was invited to be interviewed for Render Positives third video podcast. I really enjoyed their original podcast with ad legend Rory Sutherland (definitely check out his interview) and was great to be involved in this podcast. My interview was just over an hour (kindly edited by the RP team) and covers: Content marketing and…

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danny denhard search london

Search London Organic Marketing Trends Deck

I was kindly invited to speak at the first #SearchLondon of 2015. The theme for the event was “trends in search in 2015″ and had Googler Pierre Far as the second speaker. Pierre’s deck was named Google Indexing in 2015 and was really interesting for the tech SEO in me. It is always interesting to see/hear how…

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My Favourite Podcasts

As many people who know I am a bit of a podcast geek and listen to too many per week. I am often asked what podcasts I would recommend so here are my go to listens. For Your Aural Pleasures: This American Life (same makers as Serial), TAL is just good listening, very good stories…

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my content marketing predictions for 2015

My Content Marketing Predictions for 2015

Throughout my content marketing workshops and training courses this year, a number of CMO’s and business leads have asked me for my top content marketing predictions for 2015, so I wanted to put together my dedicated list for 2015 and beyond: Audio The rise and re-rise of podcasts will continue (thanks to serial) with supporting information…

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Content marketing 2015

Where content marketing is going in 2015

Content marketing has had a great 24 months or so, the last 12 months in particular has seen some the best content marketing to date and really has increased the status quo. I got in touch with 12 industry leaders (ranging from agency leads, directors of their own firms, publication heads and designers) and asked…

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SEO 2015

The State Of Organic Search Going Into 2015

Something that many people want to know at the end of each year is what is the state of play within your vertical. I created six questions that I would question myself and then (as you do) asked these questions to 13 of the smartest minds in organic search/SEO, ranging from independent consultants, to heads and…

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BrightonSEO content marketing

Catch My Training At The Content Marketing Show & BrightonSEO

I recently announced I was hosting the content marketing training at BrightonSEO, I am also hosting the ecommerce content marketing training again for the upcoming Content Marketing Show. Both events are going to be held in Brighton. BrightonSEO Info: LOCATION: Brighton Dome DATE: September 11, 2014 TIME: 9:30 am – 3:30 pm The Content Marketing…

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BrightonSEO Content Marketing Training

I am proud to announce I am going to be hosting the BrightonSEO content marketing training course on September 11th. The course is designed for marketers and businesses who want to understand content marketing and for marketers who want to get the most out of content marketing campaigns. What I am going to cover: What is content…

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