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Danny Denhard

A Little About Me

  • Danny Denhard (there are only two of us in the world)
  • Marketing Leadership Coach & Growth Coach
  • 21 years in Marketing, Growth, Product and Business leadership
  • Former CMO
  • Former Growth Director at the largest EMEA charity platform
    >> Read the QR Code case study
  • Former business leader (GM) of EMEA’s largest peer-to-peer crowdfunding platform.
    >> Read the Checkout optimisation case study
  • Current Advisor to new marketplace startup The Octopus Club & NED for an IT Company
  • Currently Offerings:

Here is a rundown of my Marketing & Growth Coaching

  • Leadership Coaching
    Previous Coaching Includes
    >> Startup CEOs
    >> Mental Health Founder
    Marketing Leadership Coaching Clients Include:
    >> CMO of a Healthcare Brand
    >> CMO of Micro-mobility Brand
    >> VP of Marketing at AI & Fintech Brand,
    >> VP of Marketing within Gaming
    >> Head Of Marketing Sustainable Brand
    >> Head of Marketing at sk:n clinics (PE Backed),
    • Growth Coaching: Whereby (Series A web video conferencing start-up), Senior Product Leader in recruitment tech space
  • Company Advisor (for The Octopus Club – “The Preloved marketplace for all things baby, kids & maternity – from clothes to second-hand toys” & previously YOVO – “The fastest way to volunteer locally, for a cause you care about”)
  • Training and Workshops
  • Marketing Strategy Audits
  • Other Services
    • Interim CMO and Interim Chief Growth Officer
    • Fractional CMO
    • On-Demand Chief Marketing Officer and Chief Growth Officer
    • Micro Advisory – one day of intensive advisory to enable your team to build out an agreed plan
    • Micro Consultancy – one day deep dive with you and the team to build out a dedicated plan you deliver on
    • Expert Calls – Have questions about setting up the right goals, KPIs or metrics? Or need to build a competitor to where I worked? Expert calls enable you to book in an hour or more and discuss how you become successful. If you are familiar with GLG or AlphaInsights – this is the same service but direct.

More About My Services & History

  • Former Clients Include
    • Leadership Team: JustGiving (BLKB)
    • Leadership Role: RetailMeNot / VoucherCodes.co.uk (The largest coupon company in the world)
    • Formerly Interim CMO: MyArtBroker (Disruptive Art Marketplace),
    • Growth Advisory: Oxford International – PE-backed ed-tech company
    • C-Suite Advisory: Leetchi – Largest peer-to-peer collection company (read more about the recent projects)
  • Workshops – ran problem-solving workshops for the largest startups, agencies and companies in the world, including:
    • Workshop: DeliveryHero (DHER)
    • Workshop: Nexmo (Telecoms)
    • Workshop & Coaching: Rocket Internet (RCKZF)
  • Agency side clients:
    Farfetch (FTCH), eBay (Marketplace), Gumtree (UK Online classified advertisement and community), Zoopla (Property) Tesco (Supermarket), TUI Group (Travel company)
  • Audit Clients: SimilarWeb, Jessops, McLaren, Carphone Warehouse, Sage (Software)
  • Across the two decades of leadership; I have operated across B2C, B2B and B2B2C businesses.

I am often asked for comments and featured across numerous trusted publications.

Read my marketing beat comments on sponsors of Love Island 2022, Elon Musk’s impact on advertisers with his potential take over of Twitter, the most annoying ads of all time, and the 2022 CIM of Research and what it means, or click below for The Student Beans Gen Z report.

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