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I recently appeared on the new 10q podcast series with my industry buddy Chris.

I am extremely proud of my podcast appearance and share some personal information I have never shared before.

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The 10 Questions

Q. You meet a stranger and they ask what you do, what are you most likely to say?

  • I help senior Marketing leaders to become better (via skills-based coaching and workshops)
    • It’s not just Marketing but Growth and company execs but everyone knows what Marketing is
    • There is something special about developing other people’s skills that are unrivalled for me
    • I like to give people their lightbulb moment when they are struggling
    • There’s something about boosting other people’s confidence
    • I am on a mission to fix the broken world of work
    • I also write two newsletters must reads (goes out every Friday) and leaders letters (the leadership newsletter goes out every Monday)

Q. When you were a kid. ‘What did you want to be when you grow up?’

  • I would be lying if I didn’t want to become a basketball player, then a tennis player then a footballer but it was to become a sports journalist for most of my teenage years.
  • I won a young sports journalist award when I was 15 with match magazine (well known at the time) I did a stint of work experience at the local newspaper and it really put me off journalism
  • I managed to try out journalism in my 20s for a while, it was writing UFC and MMA stories, I was paid by the traffic I drove. Didn’t work out so well when someone who worked in marketing and knew how to drive traffic, especially back when it was an up-and-coming sport.
  • The 3am-6am write-ups and automating scheduled social media posts & sharing didn’t really fit my morning persons routine – an incredible lesson and learning experience to see the future of the modern-day media company (vs work experience at the local newspaper)

Q. What has been the most pivotal moment in your life?

  • Unfortunately, my mum died five years ago of cancer and it took me a long time to process and grieve
    • You learn a lot about friends, family and work colleagues in the six months and surrounding months when a loved one is terminally ill and passes away
  • Lessons to take forward:
    • 1/ Spend more time with those who matter to you, however much they could annoy you
    • 2/ If you are going through something that is life-changing or someone around you is, please do talk it through
    • 3/ Say the words you want to – whether that’s in person, a letter, a video or audio note
    • 4/ Ask the questions you wish you could – I learnt an incredible amount about my nan by spending time with her and just asking questions

Q. Best piece of advice you’ve ever received?

  • A. Write it down/write it out
  • Lessons to learn from the advice
    • write that email save it in drafts and revisit
    • write out and keep notes
    • write out your thoughts and develop them out
    • if you cannot write it down and condense it into a few bullet points, you won’t get the most out of it when you need to speak or present etc
  • Another important 4 pieces of advice that have impacted my life
    • 1/ Never play to lose
    • 2/ Never get in between a (fist) fight, you’ll be the one who ends up with a black eye
    • 3/ Put on your own oxygen mask first
    • 4/ Always create positive surprising moments
  • Worst piece – Be less British…
  • Good article to read – Kevin Kelly’s 103 bits of advice

103 Bits of Advice I Wish I Had Known

A good lesson from Michael from Prison Break

Q. Most valuable lesson learned?

  • A few years ago, I took myself to CBT (cognitive behavioural therapy) and learnt a lot about how I feel – combined those therapy visits, a lifestyle change and knowing what was most important it was the most valuable period of my life
  • Please learn from my lessons:
    • 1/ If you need help – please get help
    • 2/ Shoot your shot
    • 3/ Everyone is going through something
    • 4/ Listen to your body. It’s telling you things and sending signals constantly
    • 5/ Most managers aren’t leaders, they are just about managing – don’t expect someone who has limited to no training to manage
  • Learn lessons every day and share them.
  • Note-taking is an investment for your own long-term success (and for those around you)
  • When you work at a huge business you find out what long-term looks like. You find out how disposable work and time is. That’s long-term 5-10-20 years – will you see it through (unlikely).
  • Stress is an open wound that needs therapy. It’s a mental injury. Mental health and mental injuries impact your physical health – this is what companies especially HR Teams need to incorporate into their day-to-day development

Q. What’s one of the best decisions you’ve ever made?

  • Personal – Getting together with my girlfriend 10 and 1/2 years ago.
  • Professional – I decided to go out on my own to create a Marketing advisory when I was told I wouldn’t be able to move from the department I ran because a lot of the revenue came through my department
  • My career is unusual went from running bars ➡️ working in a computer store (online and small store) ➡️ project manager in software and search experiencing administration ➡️ agency side ➡️ startup that went into large org and went through IPO ➡️ my own consultancy ➡️ took over from CMO/COO looked after department and business line went into much larger listed business ➡️ today’s mission.
  • You have to look back and appreciate your journey and appreciate the decisions that got you here.

Q. What’s something you struggle with?

  • Taking my own advice and not giving unsolicited advice
  • Important learnings:
    • 1/ I found out my energy sources and what zaps them, negative people zap my energy
    • 2/ I have a lot of interests
    • 3/ I like to understand processes
    • 4/ I like to understand what makes someone tick

Q. Do you think people’s perception of you is accurate?

  • I like to think so, I am quite an open book.
  • I attempt to be a good friend, supporter and good colleague.
  • I have high standards of myself and try to improve those around me
  • I was super ambitious and was told recently how ambitious I can be.

Q. Favourite content to consume?

Q. Tell me something you’re really passionate about?

  • Helping people to become the best versions of themselves or rediscover the person they were
  • Coaching is something that gives me so much energy
  • Helping people realise their potential

Q. When you think about the future, what do you see?

  • Potential
  • Opportunity
  • Love

Books I Recommend 📚📖

  • Black Box Thinking – Matthew Syed
  • The Dip – Seth Godin
  • Turn The Ship Around – L. David Marquet
  • Eleven Rings – Phil Jackson
  • Rebel idea – Mathew Syed
  • How to decide – Annie Duke
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