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The 11 Essential Marketing Lessons I Coach To (Almost) Every Marketing Leader

Here are the 11 lessons I provide to every marketing leader in my marketing coaching sessions.

Elevate The Importance Of Marketing And/Or Growth 📕

It isn’t until you create something formal and well thought through like a Marketing plan (of action), a Growth Playbook or “bible” that your discipline will gain the level of importance and respect.

Always include how you are going to collaborate (cross-functionally) and how you have thought through the details of the financial sides.

Map to the company-wide strategy and goals and present them in real-time. Record it, make it available to play on-demand and (market it) distribute it to all stakeholders.

Humans Are Contextually Engineered 👷‍♀️

Elite companies win by making their products contextual – relevant in states of mind, especially in that moment of action state (action state = I have to take action (buy, sell, play, sponsor, donate) on that something).

Add context at every step possible. Simplify as much as possible

Leveraging The 4️⃣ States Of The Customer

Think top of your funnel ➡️ the bottom of the funnel in states of the customer.

(1) Educate State – find something for some reason

(2) Want State – want something

(3) Need State – need to do something (but don’t have to)

(4) Action State – I have to take action (buy, sell, play, sponsor, donate) on that something

Language Matters 🗣

Shoot 🆚 don’t shoot

Shoot 🆚 cease fire

We are taught from a young age that words matter and the language and sentiment we mean matter. Why do we not follow this when we are older. Make language, words and sentence structure make the difference.

Keep it simple stupid – remove as much jargon and marketing words they confuse and often devalue what you want to achieve.

Connections Matter 🔗

Digital Platforms are hard to connect to the moment or to the experience. Despite the payment made via you, your connection is removed as you are just a checkout.

The customer is often not your customer. And that can be ok but that won’t help you retain relationships and customers.

It can be a struggle to gain that affinity until you are blamed.

Connect with the sellers and buyers as much as possible, and add value with each communication. See customers as partners throughout the short, mid and long term.

Your partners matter more than you know. Think delivery companies messing up the delivery or damaging your parcels.

It is the difference between using you once and using you multiple times.

Destinations & Memories Win 🏆

Is there a unique identifier or a powerful memory for you to be associated with you and your company?

You might be a platform or service provider but did you connect the customer going to see their family, or was it a trip someone proposed on or did they buy their child’s first pair of shoes? The more memories you help co-create the more you can become a destination.

Price vs Value 💰

Price is what people feel their customers are sensitive to, most often it is actually value.

The value exchange the customer gains by spending their money with you versus the price they spend.

Many customers will see the price (& research price) but challenge the value they will gain by spending a little extra or the extra status they might gain from buying from you.

Products Have To Be 🔓

(1) Easy to learn 👩‍🏫 – can’t learn the product you won’t use it again

(2) Easy to use 🛠 – once you have learned the product, you will use it in the way that does x for y

(3) Easy to share 👥 – once you have gained something from the product, it will drive some word of mouth

(4) Easy to personalise 👤 – once I have told people it is good I will want to personalise and get something in return

When you know the product, the problem(s) it is solving, & the demand for the product you can support it by marketing each step. Product Marketing is often the most powerful play you can make when you work in a Product or Sales led business.

Don’t Just Add Features ⛓

Features do not equal improving the Product and make it harder to market if it doesn’t add true value. Don’t get f-ed by a feature or a series of features that adds friction or adds complexity to your offering.

Internal Code Names Hack 🤫

Want a quick hack to get people brought into Marketing campaigns?

Internally market a secret…

Create mystique into the campaigns or projects with code names or team names. This will create buzz around the campaign or project and help you to form interest.

Marketing Hard Externally, Market Smarter Internally ✅

Don’t get caught in the trap of thinking you have one type of customer = external customer. You have internal customers too and they are internal, and to make Marketing work best, you have to market internally almost harder than external, you have to be smart on how you market, how you show results and recap your efforts.

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