11 Recommendations For Marketing Leaders

I am often asked what are my recommendations for Marketing & Growth leaders.

Here is a simple list (often I provide these in my first two marketing coaching sessions) that will help you to ponder, grow and develop yourself and those around you.

Get in the leadership room and own the hard conversation 💪

With the CEO, Founders, Sales lead, Product leads, get in there, present and get the others on board and show you own it.
Read for an overview and steps to take – how to shape Marketing funnel discussions.

Know Your Numbers 🔢

Know them constantly (know how you are improving them) Do not live and die by a dashboard that is showing you the wrong reports. Anyone can report, it’s the analysis, the insights and the follow-up actions that are most important

Own The Budget 💷

Partner with finance don’t rely on them. Don’t let there be surprises

Don’t forget Marketing (& Growth) is art, science and magic 🪄.

When you are unsure which is art, science and magic, look how much you are led by data and analysis, this will help you understand the science to it.

Head, Heart, Gut 🫡

  • 🧠 Head – the data-driven easy decision – the data is 80% there, you add the creative lens and output
  • ❤️ Heart – mostly there with data – the insight is there, you have to dig a little for the nuggets but you make it resonate with your magic touch
  • 🔓Gut – the data is wrong or there’s no data – We (the team) are so behind this and confident we will make this work.
    The gut is often referred to as the bodies second brain, this is something you will learn to embrace when you trust gut calls and encourage passion driven projects.

Build out a network of a coach, mentors, sponsors and groups 👥:

  • Coach (skills-based improvements),
  • Mentors (long term guidance),
  • Sponsors (those who go out on a limb for you and promote you and risk something of their own status) and
  • Support groups (groups, chat channels, emails.

Never be that person who says they’re too old to learn a new app or product ⏳.

Learn about the Superfan (and their power over their audience and in some rare cases communities) –

Superfans and superfan Flywheel

Marketing is the only department that has to predict, build and drag the future to the present 🔮 .

You have to be partner well and story-tell at every chance.

Be the glue, be the partner, be the piping.

Know which of the 7 brand classes you are in at all times 7️⃣

  1. Unknown
  2. Noticed
  3. Seen
  4. Heard
  5. Known
  6. Loved
  7. Hated

    If you are unsure which number of stage you are at, you are likely at 1…unknown. Read the 7 brand classes post the full details.

Make it onto lists 📄

Lists are essential for everyday life, make it onto a list you are in good shape, particularly if on a wishlist, a birthday list or a to do list.
Read how to make it onto lists for full details

Take every day as an ability to learn more and teach lessons 👩‍🏫 👨‍🏫

Update a knowledge centre, share the knowledge, share lessons and learnings – this is not in slack or teams!

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