Catch My Training At The Content Marketing Show & BrightonSEO

BrightonSEO content marketing

I recently announced I was hosting the content marketing training at BrightonSEO, I am also hosting the ecommerce content marketing training again for the upcoming Content Marketing Show.

Both events are going to be held in Brighton.

BrightonSEO Info:
LOCATION: Brighton Dome
DATE: September 11, 2014
TIME: 9:30 am – 3:30 pm

The Content Marketing Show:
LOCATION: Old Ship – Kings Rd Brighton
DATE: November 4, 2014
TIME: 9:30 am – 3:30 pm

The last ecommerce content marketing course I hosted (In July) was a great session, the training had a very strong and diverse group, attendees were from large in-house teams and agency side.
So if you would like dedicated ecommerce content marketing training sign up to The Content Marketing Show, or if you would like wider Content Marketing training sign up to BrightonSEO.

Remember Rough Agenda events are always great, especially the training sessions before the main (free) events.

If you would like anymore detailed information on either course please click the relevant logos below:

BrightonSEO content marketing content marketing show


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BrightonSEO Content Marketing Training

BrightonSEO content marketing

I am proud to announce I am going to be hosting the BrightonSEO content marketing training course on September 11th.

The course is designed for marketers and businesses who want to understand content marketing and for marketers who want to get the most out of content marketing campaigns.

What I am going to cover:

  • What is content marketing
  • What’s a good content marketing strategy look like?
  • What’s a good content idea look like?
  • What are shortcuts and potholes to the practice?
  • What kinds of metrics should I operate by?
  • Who needs to be involved?

If you are interested in this training course definitely book now, if you have any questions please let me know.

Alternatively if you are looking for someone to come into your business and train you and your team I offer a tailored content marketing training courses.

Reclaim Your Facebook Newsfeed Back In 5 Easy Steps

Facebook newsfeed edit
  1. Unlike business pages – go to (obviously edit the username to yours) and remove/unlike any business pages you do not want to appear.
  2. Stop pressing the like button and actually comment more – you will have a better personal experience and will completely change your Facebook feed, the more likes the more flooded your feed gets.
  3. If you have friends with very contrasting views to you and constantly post updates and like(s) very different to yours you might want to think about muting them, your friends have a huge impact on your newsfeed (most people did not know this) and really effects what is displayed in your newsfeed.
    So think about unfollowing certain friends (you can do this by clicking on your friends account and click follow to unfollow them (you can also do this within the newsfeed itself).
    This will not stop them from liking or commenting on your profile but it will stop them flooding your newsfeed.
  4. Sick of old stories and shares dominating your newsfeed? Go to newsfeed, click the drop down arrow and select Most Recent, this will update your feed on your given device (desktop, app and mobile all work independently)
    Facebook newsfeed edit
  5. Engage (like or comment) with your actual close friends more or engage with a wider circle of school / uni / work friends.
    It is surprising how many people get stuck in a rut of engaging with a very small number of friends and only seeing a small number of updates and remember this also applies when their friends have liked or commented on mutual friends updates.

Remember: If you have a number of updates from the same people, the likelihood is you have a large number of mutual friends with these people, your feed will be constantly updated with friends interactions. If you do not want to see these you will have to go to the drop down on status updates and select “I don’t want to see this”. (Shown below)
I don't want to see this Facebook

Lastly, if ads annoy you can “hide” annoying ads on Facebook: You can use adblocker on desktop to block Facebook ads from appearing, there is noway of blocking them currently via the app but if you use desktop (or dedicated adblocker apps for mobile) this is a great way of removing ads.

If you want to know more, check out Facebook’s official help topic on Newsfeed – Link


If you are looking for personal or professional help with your Facebook profiles or campaigns, I will happily help you.
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10 Questions You Should Ask Yourself & Your Business Before Starting Content Marketing

10 content marketing questions

This is my latest deck, the deck was created to help marketeers and businesses understand what questions should be asked before starting a long term content marketing campaign.

Flick through the deck and be prepared to answer honestly.

The ten questions are just a taster of the typical questions I ask businesses before helping the business decide how to proceed with the right content marketing strategy for them specifically.

After these ten questions, would you say you are ready for a long term content marketing campaign? Let me know.