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I was invited to be interviewed for Render Positives third video podcast. I really enjoyed their original podcast with ad legend Rory Sutherland (definitely check out his interview) and was great to be involved in this podcast.

My interview was just over an hour (kindly edited by the RP team) and covers:

  • Content marketing and my love for it
  • Becoming a “habit” in 2015
  • Social Media and the impact it has
  • Creating KPI’s, tracking campaign success for content marketing
    • How to win/borrow budget from other teams
    • What I think should come to market in 2015
    • My desire for content distribution app
  • My thoughts on top publications including VICE, Daily Mirror and Daily Mail
  • The future of apps
  • “New and popular” Social Networks:
    • Why instagram and Pinterest are great social networks and why they are going to be important for businesses this year
    • How to use Snapchat as a business and why you can
  • Behavioural Economics


As this was the first time I have been involved with a video podcast it was a really interesting experience and hope you enjoyed the video, if you would like the full transcript please jump over to the render positive post.

Please let me know what you think or if you agree with any of my points.

If you did not already see it my latest conference deck from #SearchLondon might really interest you.

Search London Organic Marketing Trends Deck

danny denhard search londonI was kindly invited to speak at the first #SearchLondon of 2015. The theme for the event was “trends in search in 2015” and had Googler Pierre Far as the second speaker. Pierre’s deck was named Google Indexing in 2015 and was really interesting for the tech SEO in me. It is always interesting to see/hear how Google employees answer questions, especially from SEO with potential issues. With my deck I wanted to cover off two main parts:
1. 2014 across all of organic marketing covering SEO, content marketing, social media and apps,
2. 2015 – I took a look in my crystal ball and offered my thoughts and predicted upcoming trends for 2015.
  • The slides you might want to skip to if you are in a rush:
  • Slides 4 – 25 2014 reviewed with commentary
  • Slides 29 & 30 for SEO trends
  • Slide 31 – What you should be doing for SEO in 2015
  • Slides 33 – 39 for social media trends and predictions (with a challenge for businesses)
  • Slides 43 – 53 for content marketing trends
If you would like to download my deck click the following link: Upcoming Trends for Organic Marketing in 2015 If you do not like emoji’s this deck probably was not for you but please let me know (through comments below or over on Twitter @dannydenhard) how your predictions match up to mine and if you agree or disagree. Final thought, where are you impacted here and where does your business want to position themselves? Final thoughts to consider in 2015
If you get chance definitely sign up to the next Search London event, the founders Jo and Tim are great and it is always good to support a smaller conference.

My Favourite Podcasts

As many people who know I am a bit of a podcast geek and listen to too many per week. I am often asked what podcasts I would recommend so here are my go to listens.

For Your Aural Pleasures:

Work Related:

Slightly more educational:

If you like something more deep, longer and entertaining Joe Rogan Experience is a great listen, if you do not like swearing or sports sometimes it might not be for you but I personally love it –
Check out my favourite recent podcast by Joe Rogan with UFC commentator, ex US Marine Brian Stann –


If you are into sports and sports banter definitely check out The Magic Sponge by Jimmy Bullard, Rob Beckett and special guests – 

Don’t judge me before you listen but the new Buzzfeed Internet Explorer podcast is really funny and well worth a listen to over on Soundcloud. Take a listen to Internet Explorer

Listen to my favourite so far:



Come See Me Speak At SearchLondon #SearchLDN Conference

Organic Marketing Trends in 2015

I’m happy to announce I am going to speak alongside Google’s Pierre Far at Search London’s conference “Search Trends in 2015”.

My talk is titled: “Upcoming Trends for Organic Marketing in 2015” and reflects 2014 and what the trends are going to be in Social Media, SEO and Content Marketing in 2o15.

If you would like to attend tickets are available over on Eventbrite

Look forward to seeing you there

Algorithms: Understand Why YouTube Is Broken

YouTube is Broken

When you work online, you live and die by algorithm updates, it is particularly hard to explain how algorithms work, how they impact how your site works and how small changes can actually really hinder businesses.

Most businesses have been fighting algorithms for over the last twelve years. It now impacts the everyday person more than they realise or have really thought about. An example of  where algorithms impact our lives

Media Consumption:

  • YouTube
  • Netflix
  • Amazon Prime
  • Press (related stories)
  • Your personalised news feed on tv

Social Media

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Pinterest

Additionally sites/services many people do not always think about are supermarkets and email (inbox from Google is the best example of this) providers.

This is one of the best videos explaining YouTube’s problem (the best why of explaining Facebook’s algorithms (flick to 4.27 on the video) I have heard for a long time) and why YouTube should be considered as ThierTube.

My tip; learn the platform you are publishing on, work out if you can push to your site or branded destination and ensure you build real affinity through your great content or product.

Props to PNR This Old Marketing podcast episode 60 for the hat tip to this great video.