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6 Growth Opportunities

Here is a quick-fire list of the top 6 growth opportunities right now!

  1. iOS 14 app clips – go have a play & create
  2. QR Codes. Really dig into why QR codes are great, think more than scan-to-menu or scan-to-URL, think billboard actions & online to online, offline to online.
    FWIW you can trigger and action:
    1. SMS
    2. Email
    3. URL
    4. Download something
    5. Pay (buy)
    6. + Many more
  3. Sign in with… Google, Sign in with Apple (move away from social logins)
    1. Hint #2, Go check out Google testing Google doc highlight to send on Gmail
  4. SMS and instant messenger as personalised communication channels. DTC and personality brands
  5. Short form video platform that doesn’t show related videos and enables embeds and distribution
  6. Exclusive Retention Marketing and leveraging exclusive content and offers by channel. Dedicated retention marketing is hard but so important, especially for brands who will likely lose 20-25% of their 2021 marketing budget.

    It worth reading my five essential roles for 2021 and why I included and blended retention marketing with a growth specialist.

Agree, disagree?

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