About Me

I am a highly motivated, performance, and data-driven leader with over 20 years of Marketing and Growth Leadership experience. I have held leadership roles in Growth, Marketing, Crowdfunding, and Agency side.

Marketing & Growth Offerings:

Advisor and consultant to help challenger brands, startups, and upstart businesses.

I offer Interim CMO and Interim VP of Marketing, currently Interim CMO at a global Art Company.

Why Me?
My background is predominantly consumer-facing businesses specialising in marketplace businesses, focusing on creating and optimising the flywheel, improving the core product to improve user happiness and satisfaction.
I have had many years of experience in B2B & SaaS software and rebuilt pricing structure within one of the world’s largest three-sided marketplaces to move their company to profitability.

Previous Campaigns

TV Ad – VoucherCodes.co.uk

Radio Ad – JustGiving Crowdfunding 

My Past:

  • Director of Growth & Director of Crowdfunding at the world’s largest fundraising platform JustGiving
    • Crowdfunding went through hyper growth under my leadership and transacted over £60m per year.
    • As Director of Growth I was responsible for delivering growth and innovation for JustGiving. The Growth team and I released numerous successful tests and programmes including:
      • Introduced new pricing structure for the business increasing profits
      • Increasing average donation value by 8%
      • Introducing and future proofing JustGiving core business by introducing offline to online donations via introducing QR codes across the full Product range
    • Previously as Director Of Marketing, I ran a team of 21
  • I was the founder of Denhard Media, a consultancy that helped Marketing Directors, VP’s, CMO’s and founders of market leaders, challenger brands and start-ups create their marketing strategies, campaigns and provided bespoke training programs.
  • Advised two companies; a mobile app company and a disruptive art startup.
  • Led teams across Europe, including UK, France, Germany and Holland.
    I have worked with some of the largest global brands, working both in-house and led agencies to ensure the best possible results for my client’s campaigns.
  • I have worked across some of the toughest verticals including: money saving, classifieds, property, travel, mortgage, finance, high end fashion and e-commerce.
    Previous roles included: Head of Product, Head of Product Marketing and Head of Search. For full information happily, review on LinkedIn

Conference Speaker:

I have spoken at a number of conferences, recently keynote speaker for the disruptive marketing conference, I cover wide and varying topics, including:

  • Culture
  • Strategy
  • Crowdfunding
  • Disrupting your own company
  • Growth
  • Marketing

I have spoken at many in-house conferences, agency ran conferences and independent events across Europe including Great Britain, Austria and Germany.

I was a keynote speaker for General Assembly

The evolution of crowdfunding and crowdsourcing funds from Danny Denhard

With the recent global changes, I can keynote remotely and keen to help where I can.

Important Presentations

RIP to the CMO Role from Danny Denhard

27 Learnings From Leading A Marketplace Business – Focus from Danny Denhard

19 plus tips from 19 years in marketing, growth, innovation and tech from Danny Denhard


I have featured in Retail Insight covering Amazong Go Tech coming to the UK, ReadWrite.comMarketingWeekDailyDot, Econsultancy, Guardian discussing social commerce, SEO, the impact of content marketing, social media changes and user experience.


  • Content Makers (link)
  • Innovation Sofa (link)
  • Mobile Giving (link)
  • The Re:Signal Podcast (link)

Weekly Newsletter

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Awards Judge 

  • I was part of the 2019 Drum Marketing awards with other CMO’s and VP’s of Marketing and Growth (link)
  • Company Culture Judge Award 2021
  • Social Media Awards

Focus Business

I am currently the founder of Focus Business Consultancy. Focus was created to fix the broken world of work.

Focus concentrates on three things, 1/ culture, 2/ strategy and 3/ trust. Alongside offering part time, freelance and interim CMO and CGO on demand services.

Culture and strategy for years have been disconnected and created silo’s, Focus works with companies of all sizes, typically helping Leadership Teams and HR teams to deliver workshops, training and co-creating the next 18-36 strategy.