Adidas Social Media World Cup Case Study

Adidas case study: What a brazuca, 6 months planning & hour to hour calendar can achieve for the Brazil World Cup

Adidas social media case study

I love insights and windows into real time and social media marketing hubs, especially when large companies such as adidas plan for global sporting events such as this years World Cup.

This Adage article includes:

  • A look at the 40 strong real-time marketing hub in Rio, watching the games on 3 TV screens
  • Adidas had screens following their (sponsored) top 100 searched for footballers
  • Adidas were looking to be the most talked about brand at the tournament
  • Its interesting hearing the campaign referred to as spread betting social, definitely makes sense looking into the multiple language, multi assets campaign
  • Adidas’ agency wearesocial gathered a bible of information, including a number of shots and information to use throughout the world cup, including 6 months of pre planned activity with hour by hour planner
  • Adidas tracked traffic to store visits and sales and will continue after the world cup.
  • Adidas crowdsourced the name (pre world cup) for this years world cup football named Brazuca, adding a genius twitter account to support its marketing efforts
  • After the first goals in the tournament, adidas had numerous assets available and had the ability to pick the top three assets to push out, including vine videos, images to share across Twitter and Facebook and video for YouTube
  • Adidas mention how their YouTube channel has doubled in size since the beginning of the tournament, it is definitely a hint in what area adidas are probably going into (other sports giants have suggested how they are looking at real time marketing and becoming a direct marketing outlet themselves especially through using rich media).

With all of this and props to the agency I can definitely say adidas were allinornothing and despite being an official sponsor it did not hold adidas back with a holistic marketing campaign to engage with global fans and push awareness and sales.

Socialbakers offer an interesting look at sponsors at the event and highlights adidas growth as second to Sony –

Let’s see how the post tournament numbers look, so far adidas has reported really impressive numbers. I am pretty sure the German sports giant is also pretty pleased with its home nation winning the World Cup and having the ability to double market their successes.

Nielsen have today released impressive stats that 70% of tweets about adidas are actually connected to the World Cup, showing how well the brand and tournament have been associated and how on point adidas have really been.

Well done adidas, you are definitely raising the standards for us to aspire to.

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