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The Five Commons Themes That Appear Across Coaching CEOs, Founders, Department Leads & Directors Of 

Here are the five themes that have occurred across my coaching in 2022, especially in Q4 of 2022 and hints at how to tackle the five themes.

1 – Confidence 📉 

Almost everyone is struggling, with a real lack of confidence and knowing that they are on the journey.

Hint: Do something small that will boost your confidence. Whether that’s an independent task or a team task.

It is not just department leads who have experienced this in Q4, it is particularly strong in CEOs and founders.

2 – Manager Vs Management 🧑‍💼

The internal battles for managers are being exposed more and more. ‘I think I’m a good manager” & “I think I’m a bad manager”.

Many are only receiving bad feedback because of the state of company performance and not creating a safe environment enabling two-way feedback.

Hint: Ask for feedback and make an action list. A list of things you are going to action and double down on.

3 – “Strategy” ⚠️ 

“My strategy is failing”, importantly most people do not understand why strategy as a word is often misleading and what they believe is strategy is actually not strategy at all, especially as department heads. 

Hint: You have to move away from a list of tactics and then need to create a plan of action as a department and roll team activities into the departmental plan yet. You have to create deadlines and dates.

4 – Motivation 😞 

How do I motivate a team when I’ve lost my motivation? This is the most common and something that everyone goes through.

Hint: Create a list of things that personally motivates you, then professionally what motivates you. If it’s the people or the impact share these points and encourage those around you to do the same. Once you find common ground use this to motivate you and those around you.

5 – Sacrifice 😟 

I am sacrificing enough vs I am sacrificing too much. Sacrifice needs evaluation every two to four weeks to keep people sane.

Hint: Sacrifice is counted differently by everyone. Being committed and going over and above it is often not seen as sacrifice enough. Whereas one person working late once is often seen as a huge sacrifice. Understand what sacrifices are made and how they are seen and then score and have a prioritises list that everyone understands as your drivers. 
Something like P1 family – P2 work – P3 community. Then sacrifice is understood.

Trust 🔗

A lack of trust within the leadership teams. This often then trickles down into your team. Many have forgotten you have to earn trust and then you should share trust within your department.

Hint: Trust is a two-way street but often feels one way. Trust is built on relationships and achievements. If you don’t have one or lack in one or both. Prioritise and build on the factor that builds trust most.

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