My Content Marketing Beliefs

Everyone has different opinions of content marketing, especially depending on your background and the discipline you come from.

What I wanted to do was to give you my content marketing beliefs:

content marketing beliefs

In slightly more depth

  • Great content works – it all depends on your timing and seeding.
  • Create content for “your” people – if you cannot create content for your core demographic your content is automatically to generic.
  • You have to understand local TV to understand content – local TV is the easiest and cheapest window into your customers lives, especially when they spend 60% of their free time in front of the TV, learn to understand it to make the best and most appealing content.
  • Culture matters – understand how culture matters locally – we all know location is key, but we often overlook how different countries can be culturally what works in one location potentially won’t work 20 miles up the road, its essential you research and appreciate your customers cultural differences.
  • Would your content pass the mum test? Your mum is usually your a part of your target audience (directly or indirectly) and the most challenged when it comes to online, if your content asset does not pass the mum test, likelihood is it will not pass your demographic test.
  • Can you explain your content in one tweet? Over 140 characters and its too long – this is key if you cannot sell your content in under 120 characters how will anyone else understand it and be able to re-sell it for you? Keep it accurate, short and sweet (and sharable of course)


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