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Anyone who knows me knows I’m an early adopter, I always jump on new apps and networks, I like to understand the system first and then understand if its worth my time or energy.

Ello to those who do not know is a site that is the “ad-free network” or “open” alternative to Facebook.

Despite the buzz and a lot of online chatter I highly doubt ello is actually going to more than a 6 months fad. Don’t worry I am going to go into the why below.
I was made aware of ello a couple of months back when it got it first round of buzz and sign up’s but didn’t have the time to play with it.
After using ello for over 24 hours and having a grand total of two friends – I really don’t see this taking off. It’s not mobile friendly, it doesn’t have any interaction, (no stand out) features and even when trying to use hashtags it pushes you to Twitter – questionable if not worrying.

My tip to the ello team: take all the best parts of Google+ (photo’s, simple UI and communities) and really push hard for engagement between users and groups.

SEO’s will probably want to jump on there as links at the moment appear to be dofollow.

For the social media professionals out there I can see a flood of excited community managers and PR’s looking for another way of engaging with their fans or push out your messages, my honest (brutal) first thoughts do not waste your time until there is a much larger user sign up.

If you want a different type of social network or movement away from your typical friends group (across Twitter, Facebook etc) this simple network might be for you but if you want to know more or have FOMO you really aren’t at the moment.

If you read this and want to add me i’m dannyd. If you would like an invite let me know below (its invite only via email)

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