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F*** Fear

Recently I have seen fear has taken over.

Not for the obvious pandemic reason, but, from fear of….

  • Doing something wrong,
  • Fear of not knowing what will work,
  • The fear of not delivering against aggressive goals,
  • The fear of not trying something,
  • The fear of missing an important deadline or target,
  • Or the fear of being seen to have made a mistake.

There is also a fear of not performing, many Marketing and Growth teams get performance anxiety after a campaign or programme doesn’t quite land or hit.

Marketing and Growth teams have always been the teams that have known that 80% of their work won’t quite hit the first time, there is an optimisation phase and a go again phase.

Marketing is as we know art and a science and relies on timing.

Stop this school of thought and thinking you get one shot, you get many shots, it’s how you react and optimise is how you will gain more confidence, hit more goals, gain more internal buy-in, gain more budget, obtain more customers.

It’s time to say F fear, most important projects, products and programmes have created the plan, run through the tactics, understood the risks and it doesn’t quite land. The first set of results are the first set of results, not the final set, you have to go again, you have to tweak, refresh and shake the project again.

Say f*** fear and go again, try something different, try something new but know you can go can again, you can reuse, recycle, repurpose, reimagine and make it work harder.

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