Microblog: Are You A Million Dollar Group Creator?

Are you in industry or work-related groups?

Not just the meme group or LOL group with friends from home or full of family members who argue about everything? 

Are you part of the professional movement towards chat-based groups that help recommend companies, agencies, vendors, quick solutions and then offer work and deals between each other?

There are invite-only groups on Slack, iMessage, WhatsApp, and more recently the rise of Discord servers.

Are you part of the millions of dollars or pounds economy that’s passing recommendations and word of mouth referrals? If not, consider how you could be a builder of it. How you could build a supportive community or leverage your expertise and monetise it.

The creator economy is thriving, there are thousands of professional groups that are charging for shared knowledge and expertise. 

Are you an asset that could create more passive income based on your knowledge and expertise? 

Don’t let your network and expertise be something that could bring in support, work and progression.  

3 Quick Fire Tips

1. 👮‍♂️ Don’t create it on your primary messengers like iMessage or WhatsApp, you will need to mute and police this messenger.  

2. 👎 Facebook was an option but the default is often unruly comments and blind ignorance – it’s the wild west for groups & where they go to 🪦.  

3. 🚀 If you want to lean into the future consider how you might use a platform like discord or Slack, remember urgent is only for the sender, never the receiver, so expectation management is essential. 

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