Danny Denhard – Business Leader

Experienced Marketing, Product and Growth leader, Challenger Brand Advisor and Non Executive Director.

www.focus.business Culture and Strategy Consultancy Leader 

What I Offer:
Advisor and consultant to help challenger brands, startups, and upstart businesses.

About Me:
Former Director of Growth at JustGiving and business lead for the peer to peer Crowdfunding business transacting over £60m per year. I led business strategy, oversaw Product enhancements, and business revenues.

As part of the leadership team at JustGiving, I led business strategy for the events fundraising business transacting over £450m per year, oversaw Growth and Product enhancements, and built JustGiving into the fundraising market leader.

I have over twenty years of experience in problem-solving, whether that was in Management, Marketing, Growth, and Product development.

My background is predominantly consumer-facing businesses specialising in marketplace businesses, focusing on creating and optimising the flywheel, improving the core product to improve user happiness and satisfaction.
I have had many years of experience in B2B & SaaS software.

Senior Roles I have previously held
  • Director of Growth
  • Director of Marketing
  • Director of Crowdfunding
  • Head of Product
  • Consultancy Leader

Services I Currently Offer

  • Remote Interim Marketing,
  • Remote Interim Growth VP
  • Marketing Exec Coach
  • Growth Exec Coach
  • Interim CMO
  • Non Exec Director
  • Dedicated Growth Advisor

As an advisor I develop brands through scalable solutions and network effects, leveraging moats; improving core Product Experiences, improving your Marketing Departments & Brand activities, I work with your teams by reducing CAC & retention costs.

By being strategic and removing the tactics only thinking most teams have adopted.

What does strategic mean to me?
By working with your teams and people, deep-diving into your internal and external data, developing smart Growth tests and programmes, improving Marketing campaigns, and your brand activities.

How will I make you successful?
I typically work project by project and work with the right people to ensure the best possible project delivery and results.

On workshops and large projects, I bring in the best and smartest minds in branding, communication, PR, SEO, Social Media, and Content to ensure the best possible outcomes for you and your business.

In 2020 and going into 2021 it is vital you get the right help from the right people!
I am also offering dedicated Growth Advisory as a service. If you or your business requires to build out a Growth Team or requires a fresh set of eyes, please do get in contact.

Paid Marketing Mentorship & Paid Marketing Coaching

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Important Presentations & Conference Decks

Conference Speaking Topics:

  • Strategy
  • Company Culture
  • Marketing
  • Growth
  • Crowdfunding Business leadership
If you are looking to contact me about speaking at your conference, an internal event or, a virtual event, happily get in contact. Email here

Podcast Appearances

Content Makers Podcast

Listen to my latest podcast appearance with my friend Beth Gladstone, we talk about all things Marketing, Growth, Crowdfunding and how to get ahead and win at work in today’s environment.

Innovation Sofa Podcast I spoke to the Innovation Sofa Team on the role of Innovation in my previous role, how important Growth is to many organisations and the development of products (Crowdfunding) and Marketing.