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How Marmite, Cadbury’s Creme Egg & Walkers Crisps Lead Divisive Brand Campaigns

Marketing Beat asked me for my take on Walkers Crisps, Cadbury’s Creme Egg and Marmite’s marketing tactic of being divisive to connect with their audience.

Here are my full comments


Marmite has led the way for brands to lean into what their customers know and think about them. Marmite keeping Love It or Hate It has shown they truly understand their product, they understand how to connect with their customers and to place this front and centre of their Marketing and Product efforts, encouraging fans/lovers to become tribal and select their side and for those who love it, eat with pride. 

As Marmite has kept this slogan and placed it throughout their Marketing campaigns, it shows how an easy message can be key to success and specifically key to their own sales success and their slogan alone has likely driven thousands to try their product who may not have. 

Marmite has lifelong fans who will promote their love for the product whenever it is mentioned.  

Cadbury’s Creme Egg

Cadbury’s Creme Egg has such an iconic Marketing slogan, it is generational from those who loved it in the 1980’s all the way through to the 2020’s and the traditional slogan of how do you eat yours was and is a hot topic for conversation when someone buys one or eats one. 

Cadbury’s Creme Egg product and slogan go hand in hand for so many people. 

“How do you NOT eat yours” is a smart play on the original slogan, paired with visuals it works well, without the supporting visuals it will talk to a smaller audience and won’t land so well. 

The new slogan will however engage those who look out for its seasonal release and revert back to their ways of eating their egg.

Often it is astute to market to the superfans. In this specific case, I believe Creme Egg will connect to the superfan and encourage more Creme Egg sales and likely see the curious to take part in the Creme Egg hunt, another theme in their advertising we have seen in recent years. 

Walkers Crisps

Walkers Crisps is another quintessentially British brand that has had iconic advertising campaigns, typically that have paired people off against each other and made them stand in one camp or another. 

Asking consumers to select one new flavour or to be in crisp in or crisp out always invests the audience into a team to win a competition, while enjoying Walkers Crisps. 

Crisp in or crisp out is deliberately uncomplicated in a time when a lot of things feel complicated. Walkers adding a mix of reality stars, celebrity chefs and politicians drives home the point you are joining one team and as part of that team you are passionate about adding your flavour to your sandwich. 

Alternatively, you are completely against the idea but you are still part of a herd, a movement that is crisp out.

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