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11 years in Online Marketing, including SEO, Content Marketing and Social Media.

I have led teams across Europe, including UK, France, Germany and The Netherlands.

I have worked with some of the largest global brands, working in-house and led agencies to ensure the best possible results for my clients.

I have worked across some of the toughest verticals including: money saving, classifieds, property, travel, mortgage, finance, high end fashion and e-commerce.

As a conference speaker, I have spoken across wide and varying topics, including content marketing and how to build the right content marketing team, social media and the impact it has on marketing and the changing landscape within SEO and the impact it will have in coming months.

Most recent example of my Content Marketing Presentations –

Content marketing 2014 – From The Digital Marketing Show from Danny Denhard


If you would like to see more information on my career please visit my CV page