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Introducing Leaders Letters Newsletter

Each week I write a leaders letter (it’s a dedicated newsletter) for focus. 

It’s one action to take and one thing to work on every Monday morning. 

The leaders signed up are from Google, Facebook, EA, a number of venture capital companies, and startup founders. 

I am now twenty letters in and have written many helpful letters. 

One of my most recent was offering an exclusive offer for subscribers to receive support via my specially set up text number. 

I received a text saying thanks and one asking about which letters are my favourite. 

My favourite leaders letters are: 

Your secret weapon – a dedicated letter to help you find your internal secret leader, most likely a person or a behaviour.

What leadership is – A reminder of what leadership is and is not and how it has evolved.

No rules rules – A look at the Netflix culture book (Read my No Rules Rules Review) and how to apply in your business

Fight, flight, freeze, – A breakdown of human reactions and how to build out the right muscle memory in your colleagues

Givers and takers – Inspired by Adam Grant and his great book and TED Talk of the difference between giving leaders (the good) and taking leaders (the selfish – the bad).

Lastly, one that went out 12th of October – Write Your Team A Letter. It’s all about how and why you should handwrite a letter to your team or department and the importance behind it.

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