Isolated Talks

I was lucky enough to be able to support Isolated Talks with two videos.

Isolated talks is like TED talks from home, from isolation or lockdown, mine was recorded from lockdown 2 in London.

It was suggested to me by a friend Simon Swan to record Hidden Leaders and Giles who looks after Isolated Talks asked me to consider creating a video based on my Focus Manifesto.

The Focus Manifesto

I ran with two call-to-arms, the first is my Focus Manifesto, it is my mission: To fix the broken world of work.

I walk through why:

  • Chat culture is dragging us down
  • Why having to have meetings to make decisions is slowly killing work
  • Why HiPPO’s (the highest paid person opinion) are killing businesses by dictating decisions
  • And why the calendar and emails are terrible tools unless managed correctly

Hidden Leaders

The second is Hidden Leaders what I have uncovered in two decades of work, there are obvious leaders by title and then those who are leaders without the title but guide the company forward and other behaviours that these elite few have baked into them that others don’t to get the best out of the company and their people.

If you are in a place to, please support Isolated Talks and the Samaritans here.

If you prefer viewing as decks:

Happily let me know what you think by tweeting me (@dannydenhard) or sending me a message on LinkedIn.

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