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New Department Leader Vision And Delivery Template

You Become The Marketing & Growth Leader Now What?

There is a lot made of finding a new job at a new company and accepting a new senior role.

It is daunting, there is a lot of change and typically you are building up to this change for weeks to months. 

The Journey

You join the new business,
Hopefully, you are onboarded formally,
you are then onboarded by a handful of fellow managers or c-suite members,
You meet your team,
You spend time attempting to onboard yourself well within the time, but you will likely struggle to make an impact for a variety of reasons. 

Why Struggle?

Many new department heads and business leads struggle, why? Because they are not clear of their ideas, the steps they are going to take, the journey they want to take the team on and many fail to explain who they are and what their preferences are and what your path to success is as a department or company. 

When offering my CMO coaching services, I will often go through and help to co-create frameworks for the Marketing and Growth leaders. This framework also works with GM’s and COO’s and CEO’s.

Below is a framework and template you can follow to create connections and have an impact within your senior role within 20 days. 

Remember your listening tour and 1:2:1’s are incredible ways to create this plan and understand how to deliver this essential plan.

The Department Leader Vision And Delivery Template

Vision An explainer of your vision, what will inspire the team and how to know what to focus their long term attention on 

Important Points To Make:
(1) How it’s built? 
(2) How will you build it together with the team? 
SystemWhat is your system for success? 

Important Points To Make:
People Principles:
(1) What is your system for people to be successful?
(2) How do you help to become successful?  

Delivery Principles (Performance):
(1) What are your thoughts on delivery and how do you like people to deliver?
(2) How do you look to optimise? 
Analysis Of You: What are you good at?  

What are you bad at? 

There should be no surprises for your team or department. 

Do you have any specific guiding principles or ideologies that drive you or you truly believe?
This will help the team to step up and match your frequency.

Try to add preferences in communication and expectations. 
The CompanySub Culture (People) – What are the feeling of the company and your department so far.

Anything you need to know or need to help address? 

History – what did the last few years look like?  

Qualities – What qualities do you look for and why are they important to you and the team? 

Moment(s) – What is the moment you knew this was the company for you and what micro-moments will you look for?
Immediate Actions Required Clearly spell the actions that need to be taken straight away. 

Who needs to own these actions and when do you want to deliver these by? 
The Build What are the steps you will want to take to build or rebuild the department.

Build a 5-10 step process and clearly list these out.  

How do your team come on the build or rebuild journey?  

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