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Lessons From Coaching Q1 2023 

Lessons from my coaching throughout Q1 2023.

1 – Impact & Prioritisation 

Many department leads struggled with understanding and communicating how they can have a real impact from their Marketing plan and how to prioritise / re-prioritise their work. Many struggled with creating goals, attaching metrics and assigning revenue targets connecting to the company strategy.  

Coaching included prioritisation sessions, department plan reshaping and how to shape internal communication. 

2 – Leader Or Manager First 

Hint, it’s always both.

With the big shift and negative narratives around layoffs and hiring struggles, many department leads struggled with how to manage internal comms, how to manage the moods of their team or how to step up and be the inspirational leader the department or company needed. 

Coaching included supplying dedicated frameworks improving personal relationships, identifying how the team felt, improving internal messaging (& hiring) & improving personal feedback loops through 1-2-1’s & quant and qual surveys.  

3 – Connecting With C-Suite & Board  

A number of leads struggled with explaining their biggest projects and priorities to the c-suite and board. A number have not had the recent results to add confidence and do not have direct relationships with other c-suite or board members to talk through their plan of action and connect on 

Coaching included operational plans audit, improving goal and metric setting, introducing new meeting framework, revisiting existing reporting, creating new planning framework, improving how to communicate and celebrate results 

Two other quick observations:

  • Workshop To Business Critical Work: Many businesses struggle with turning workshops into prioritised work projects and then associating goals with new work streams and connecting the right metrics.
    This is a quick-fire coaching to fix this.
  • Scaling Management: A number of business leads have had to take on other teams or two departments have been consolidated under a lead with a limited amount of expertise.
    This is a series of coaching sessions to help drive confidence, build connections and lead from the front.

So, why listen to this? In Q1 I coached –

1x Co-Founder
1x COO
2x CMO
1x Product Lead
1x Content Creator

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