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Love Island 2022 – Will Love Island bring success to the brands sponsoring the show?

Marketing Beat asked me to discuss Love Island 2022:

The questions were:

Will Love Island bring success to the brands who are sponsoring the show?

And to add comment on influencer marketing in light of the various brands (eBay, WKD, Emmi Caffee Latte) sponsoring Love Island and the recent Emplify research that found that British people have a deep-seated distrust of so-called ‘influencers’ and the products they promote.

Below are my full comments and insights for the upcoming Love Island show.


One of the core differences between Love Island and many other shows is how the reality TV stars are potential walking billboards and are often mistaken for influencers if they did not have a larger social media following before the show airing. An influencer is often the best way for the star to maximise their appearance, particularly if they do not stay for the duration of the show.

Most of the show contestants are scouted and approached on Instagram and their accounts shift from everyday people to influencers, this is where the disconnect and distrust happens, particularly with friends and family having to become de facto social media managers when contestants are in the Villa. 

Reality TV Stars Aren’t Influencers…Yet

The reality TV stars after leaving the show often attempt to become influencers and then the distrust for contestants and brand builds as they promote brands that do not associate well with their followers. 

Product Promotion Vs Product Usage

Forced product promotion on TV creates distrust, there are many more natural moments that can stick, it’s how the editing can support authentic TV moments. 

There have been seasons where Love Island influences culture and drives sales, the large cocktail glasses and personalised water bottles were standout examples and this year’s partners will be looking to drive significant sales with their large sponsorship deals. 

Multi-Screen Experience = Live Shopping Potential

With Love Island’s prime time TV slot, coupled with driving interest in contestants’ social profiles, the show becomes a multi-screen experience and builds affinity to the contestants and drives more social media follows, this year has the ability to be the first live shopping moment in the ITV online store.  

It is essential brands remember they are part of the supporting cast and should not try to challenge as the show’s protagonist. 

Brands Opportunity

The show is a platform for many brands, whether that’s attempts to drive sales or for smaller lesser-known brands as a way to gain awareness.

Each brand involved has a double-edged sword with what happens on the show and when their brand is shown – reality TV is as challenging for the contestants as the brands. 

Greenwashing Risk Alongside Reward

With the shift from fast fashion partners to “sustainable” fashion partners with eBay it is going to be interesting to see if this has any significant impact on the marketplace.
eBay could win by being smart at integrating looks and subtly inspiring sustainable shopping, however, it could backfire with bad messaging and promoting unsustainable brands creating potential greenwashing, notably if forced brand moments are distastefully executed or associated with a particular unpopular reality star involved. 

Love Island Potential – Mini Superbowl Moment

Love Island offers agile marketing opportunities and provides a chance for brands to have mini Superbowl moments. Whether the brands can maximise on this is another battle. 

Many brands who advertise in the commercial breaks do as well as the official show sponsors and with modern advertising technology brands can have their Super Bowl Oreo moment – it’s not limited to official sponsors.

Brands With Best Opportunities?

O2 potentially have the best opportunity here with their bespoke content and exclusive exit interviews, especially if it’s timely or with popular catchphrases that often become part of the lexicon. 

Reddit also has a great opportunity with AMA’s while creating a hub for the true fans, whereas other platforms like Twitter, Instagram, and TikTok will be for memes and recreation of key moments that ultimately is more disposable for the show. 

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