Mailbox for Mac Review

I’ve been using Mailbox for mac for the last couple of week’s and it’s quite an impressive app.

I actually do not use the iPhone or iPad version of mailbox, it just didn’t help me manage my multiple inboxes – I did not feel I had a need for inbox zero on my mobile, as the majority of professional emails I send are still from desktop.

The reasons why mailbox might help you:

  • It’s like outlook, it notifies you of emails – annoying to some but you get a quick snapshot of the emails coming on
  • You can schedule when you want to address the email – the swipe gestures can be a little annoying but you get use to them
  • Mailbox is smart at making you clear and delete useless emails – my mailboxes are much clearer now

A couple of points to note:

  • Mailbox only currently works with emails sent through gmail / googlemail and iCloud so many people will not be able to use it at the moment.
  • The signature option is not easily found and auto completed with a default signature, if you are looking to add a signature go to: mailbox for mac (in main menu, go to preferences and last option to edit is signatures.
  • If you are a stickler for email format like me – you will want to keep an eye on formatting, often spacing is an issue, you might want to write emails in notepad and copy paste into mailbox.
  • Search needs work – if you are used to outlook or gmail mailbox search feature is very basic
  • If you have more than three email accounts connected it does crash far more than if you have two accounts.

Overall it’s a decent mail client and if you like the mobile app you will love the mailbox for mac desktop app.

If you would like a betacoin (the free trial) I have a few coins left so just let me know.

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