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As a Marketing Coach, when hosting coaching sessions there are many problems raised and uncovered throughout the sessions.

One of my coaching principles is:

Co-build – We will share problems and co-build solutions – but I’m not a therapist”. I will always help and co-build when required, however, some issues require much deeper organisation design or specific hires to be made.

Generally speaking, it is not an issue we can collaborate on and coach through in a few sessions. These often are important elements that require larger changes and a network of support.

On some occasions, I will offer what I call pluses, in what I call coach plus, this is offering a layer on top of coaching, where I can become more involved and help to shape and reshape issues or common stumbling blocks.

So What Is Coach Plus? 

Coaching is one layer that leaders require, with so many leaders needing additional support from those they trust, I offer coach plus that takes the most important elements of coaching and development and collaborates with you and your team. With audits, team training and workshops, helps you hire more smartly and match you with the best software. 

Services Breakdown

Marketing Coach Plus

Coach + Audit

  • Team & Org Audit
  • Plan Audit
  • People Audit
  • Tactics Audit
  • Performance Audit

Coach + Team Training

  • Discipline-Based Training
  • Individual Training
  • Management Team Training

Coach + Team Workshops

  • Problem Solving
  • Brainstorming
  • QBR Workshops
  • Annual Plan Workshops

Coach + Hiring

  • Partner In Hiring
  • CV & Profile filtering
  • Presentations Setting
  • Senior Hiring Review

Coach + Software

  • Best Tools For Your Team
  • Better Software Solutions

So when is it common to add coach plus? When coaching CMOs and guiding Marketing VPs pluses are often added and actively requested.

Why? Lack of time, lack of resources and most important trust in our relationship.

If you are considering coaching or wondering if you might need something else, consider how coach plus might suit you and your needs.

Want to explore coaching options?

Happily get in with me to find out more or chat through our options together! Every potential client goes through a vetting service

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