CEO Marketing Coach

  • You are the CEO of your business.
  • Your problems likely are:
    • You have a lack of knowledge in Marketing & Growth
    • You know Marketing is essential but you’re just not happy with your company’s Marketing efforts
      • Or you just don’t understand them
    • Your company’s performance has dropped and you need new outlets
    • You’ve never needed Marketing before but the macroeconomic environment requires
    • You have customers who love your Product but it doesn’t seem to grow your customer’s happiness
    • You know the direction of the company but your Marketing Department isn’t connecting well
    • You are struggling to get cut through with existing processes and need help with reshaping your Marketing efforts
    • You have your Product in a healthy place but Marketing your Product is struggling to land
    • Your competitors appear steps ahead
    • Turning we are tracking everything into we tracking “success” – you likely track everything but its actions and activity isn’t translating into success for you and the story isn’t being sold probably
    • You are struggling to connect to your Marketing Leader and Marketing Department
    • Your CMO/VP relationship is strained and you need some assistance or to improve your knowledge to bridge the gap
  • What you need is a coach who will help you with your problems, give you weekly or monthly workshop-based coaching or one masterclass to help you improve your business
  • Our journey together looks like a quick matching call, understanding your problems and then arranging sessions based on your time and requirements. Typically we will arrange a series of workshops to boost your knowledge helping to boost the performance of your business
  • End results? You will have a better relationship with Marketing, you can help to support or help the Department and step away. You will understand the need for a Marketing plan, not a Marketing strategy and you will understand tactics and Channels.

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