CMO Coach

  • You are a CMO looking for help,
    Don’t worry chief marketing officers need help too and waste their training and development budgets! Don’t waste your time at a conference which doesn’t improve you or your team.
    It’s not just CEO’s who want or need coaching
  • Your problems likely are:
    • Lost confidence
    • Lost feeling (lack of career direction),
    • No time to manage, let alone lead
    • Lost connection with team or department and wants to refresh it
    • Losing it with your Marketing funnel & having to repeat how it works over and over
    • Feeling lost with new channels (TikTok seem more alien every week) or “feel too old for a new app“
    • No Support (from your fellow c-suite members )
    • Things feel too much (and you don’t want to raise another issue)
    • Don’t worry – I have been there, seen it, experienced and got the battle scars
  • What you need is a dedicated coach to help you prioritise, rebuild connection and trust and help you lead the department with new ways of thinking, proven templates and frameworks
  • Our journey together looks like a quick matching call, a review of what you are experiencing and then workshop-based coaching sessions – improving your skills and building your confidence and executive presence
  • End results – better skills, more confidence, more weapons in your arsenal and a flexible framework to help you succeed in your business or another business that needs your expertise

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