VP Of Marketing Coach

  • You are a VP of Marketing, you are looking for some help with your career,
  • Your problems likely are:
    • You have lost confidence
    • You have lost a star performer or two
    • Things have likely stagnated for you and/or your teams
    • You are the most senior Marketing Leader but don’t have the CMO title which can cause a lack of respect
    • You are struggling with time for 1:2:1’s, performance check-ins and management team meetings alongside getting your work done
    • The performance of the team is dipping and you cannot seem to lift it
    • You don’t have a support network to help you develop
    • You always put the team first and it is not helping you and your development
    • You are going unrecognised as the leader of the department
    • Feels like you are spinning far too many plates
    • Feels like there are too many teams in your department to stay on top of things
    • Feels like you have lost some of your status/clout
    • Your relationship with the founder or CEO might be strained because of a lack of connection
    • Don’t worry so many people are going through the same or similar issues, I have been there, seen it and done it and got the t-shirt
  • What you need is a coach who is going to help you grow, develop and build the right department and plans for the long-term success
  • Our journey together looks like a quick call, a series of workshops to identify the skills you want to improve and need to improve and sessions to improve your skills, your leadership and exec presence
  • End results – better performance, frameworks you can and will roll out to your teams and a newfound confidence in your ability

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