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Marketing Goals: Making It Onto Lists

In my recent 7 brand classes Unknown – Noticed – Seen – Heard – Known – Loved – Hated there is a theme of being part of something or being known for something. 

Ideally for your brand or a stand out product, simply put this is when you know are you ahead of your competitors. Why do people get upset when a pub or bar only serves Pepsi or why do you decide you have to go to one supermarket over another

Taking this one step further, you know when you have made it when you make it onto a list. A list that someone creates regularly. 

For example: 

  • A weekly shopping list 
  • A birthday list
  • A wishlist 
  • A Christmas list 
  • A to-do list 

Why Lists?

These are must-have items, items you have selected as your favourite, your defaults from where your order and what you choose to eat, drink or wear, or importantly making it onto wishlists is something some modern-day Marketing and Growth teams forget the power of.  These lists are regularly created or curated lists and are important to millions of people per day. 

Another way to think about lists: Marketers pay for relevancy and getting onto an important list is worth much more than not. Marketing and Growth leaders will have to spend their budgets and pay for certainty for the rest of 2020 and 2021, the best way is to be a brand that you are thought of highly enough to get onto one of these lists.

A way to consider this approach moving forward: 

Marketing teams double down on marketing the brand and really marketing your stand out product and even suggest how you apply to a list. Coca-Cola has been masters at this for years, especially in the design of their products and their prompts on their packaging, 150ml cans are perfect for mixers

Growth teams typically focus around convincing users to take an action or convince them to turn from a maybe to a definitely, I am a huge advocate of Growth teams providing really accurate information and supply the next action you as the consumer should be taking. Consider providing a simple list and a completed action then remind them to use the product numerous times, driving towards a list.

Maybe if I was to revisit the 9 priceless skills and add a dedicated skill for Marketing or Growth teams, I would ensure an ability to get onto lists. 

It is also worth considering when reviewing your retention and growth ideas for 2021. 

Hopefully, this post will get on your list to share this post.  If you liked this post I recommend reading Marketing is and if you are into podcasts, here are the best marketing and growth podcasts.

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