Marketing & Growth Coaching

Struggling to hit targets?

Struggling to motivate your team?

Can’t have another discussion over ROI and ROAS without ripping your hair out?

LTV, CAC, payback period is dragging your teams down?

Engagement at an all-time low?

The company have set too aggressive targets and you don’t know how to challenge or build your Marketing Plans out?

You need more headcount but the budget keeps getting cut?

Battling to get buy-in from the management team?

You are not alone!

These are commons issues Marketing Department leads are going through daily, be one of the smart ones and hire a coach to guide you through these and many other obstacles, while developing out your skills as a leader.

More About Me & My Marketing & Growth Leadership Coaching Services

With over two decades of Marketing and Growth leadership, I know it has never been as important as it is today to be able to multi-task, to make your budget go further and work harder and be able to guide and motivate your Department.

It is time to get help! The secret many CEO’s won’t tell you is they have executive coaches, some have more than one exec coach.

Why not drive your own career forward and find the right coach:

Why Is Now More Important Than Ever?

  • Most aggressive targets 
  • Knowing what will work – not just guessing
  • Many leaders are struggling to put together their action plan and present it (aka Marketing strategy) and then gain buy in from the other business leaders
  • ROI and ROAS challenges 
  • There are so many (too many) channels 
  • Agencies are not delivering
  • You struggle to hire
  • And then, retain the best team members
  • Your Head’s of need more from you
  • You have a loss of confidence 
  • You regularly battle Imposter Syndrome
  • You recieve more challenges from fellow leadership members  
  • Huge departments = do not equal more wins
    – with a number of siloed teams and agencies don’t make a department 
  • Marketing is becoming a siloed team 
  • Not owning all of the 4ps (product, place, price, promotion) 
  • Not owning all of the 4cs (customer/consumer value, cost, convenience, communication)
  • Unhappy teams or Department is a constant drain
  • Over-reliance on Marketing specialists 
  • Losing good Marketing generalists 

These are all factors any senior Marketer lives through week by week. 

I have been there a number of times and experienced each one of these. 

It is essential you get help from someone who has experienced this and lived through this and helped many Marketing & Growth leaders fight this and defeat many of these while improving their leadership skills.

Having supported numerous Marketing leaders and advising a number of businesses who rely on Marketing, I know how important having the right support or support network is.

The Offering

I offer paid coaching for mid to the most senior levels of Marketing and Growth, from Head Of Marketing / Growth up to c-suite.

CMO’s and CGO’s you need help too! 

The Difference Between Paid Mentorship and Coaching: 

The small details matter here:

Mentoring is long term, sessions are designed to improve soft and hard skills with guidance and recommendations along the way.

Coaching is midterm with very specific skills to develop and nurture. Coaching improves your skills, your muscle memory, and help with the right and smart decision making.

The Process We Will Go Through: 

  • Quick form completion 
  • A quick call on your level, understand your requirements 
  • Work out if you need a paid mentor or a paid coach 
  • Create a dedicated plan to get the most out of the sessions: 
    • If mentorship, create sessions for long term development 
    • If coaching, create a dedicated session for goal-based development  

Paid Marketing Coaching Levels Offered: 

  • Founders – struggling with Marketing & struggling to find the right first CMO or VP of Marketing role
  • C suite – CMO, CGO
  • VP – VP’s of Marketing & VP’s of Growth
  • Director of 
  • Head of

Paid Marketing Mentorship Levels Offered: 

  • C suite – founders leading Marketing or not having a CMO
  • VP and CMO
  • Director of 
  • Head of 

Helping C-Suites

If you are a c-suite member looking to provide additional support to your CMO or VP of Marketing, I have been brought in to help develop out your existing Marketing leadership or act as an external resource, happily get in contact below.

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