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Marketing & Growth Podcasts Worth Listening To

As a big podcast fan and listener, I am often asked for recommendations and podcasts well worth listening to:

Let’s Talk Marketing – great guests and in-depth discussions around Marketing and making it work for businesses of all sizes.

Shiny New Object – a Marketing Podcast – short-form podcast from UK businesses typically from not just the biggest and most well-known agencies and in-house companies. Worth a listen if you want to hear stories on campaigns and learnings

Campaign podcast – Campaign magazine is worth listening to if you want to hear about advertising campaigns and Marketing leaders take’s

Math & Magic: Stories from the Frontiers of Marketing with Bob Pittman – Probably my favourite American podcast as blends great and influential long term Marketing leads and well known guests.

The Breakout Growth Podcast – More B2B growth focused, focuses in diving into business models and lessons. I personally enjoy the level of detail and how you take the guest lessons and 90% have something you can apply within your business

Pivot – Not just Marketing, dives into power, politics (don’t worry it’s entertaining and intelligent), the stock market and how brands are doing well or making stupid mistakes. Kara Swisher and Prof G are probably the best podcast duo out there

The Prof G Show with Scott Galloway – 45 – 60-minute pods with super-smart guests, taking numerous powerful topics and questioning how industries are likely to change. If you like opinions and humour Prof G is for you.

Courier Media (Magazine) – Has some of the most interesting stories from startups and smaller businesses facing challenges or thriving in the DTC world. Warning pod is likely going to make you create something yourself

Content Makers – Beth’s podcasts always have great guests and offers a different take on great content and what it means it create great content from across all Marketing disciplines (Marketing, advertising, PR, Social Media, SEO etc)

And importantly don’t forget My Podcast Interview With Beth Gladstone,

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[…] Marketing teams double down on marketing the brand and really marketing your stand out product and even suggest how you apply to a list. Coca-Cola has been masters at this for years, especially in the design of their products and their prompts on their packaging, 150ml cans are perfect for mixers.  Growth teams typically focus around convincing users to take an action or convince them to turn from a maybe to a definitely, I am a huge advocate of Growth teams providing really accurate information and supply the next action you as the consumer should be taking. Consider providing a simple list and a completed action then remind them to use the product numerous times, driving towards a list. Maybe if I was to revisit the 9 priceless skills and add a dedicated skill for Marketing or Growth teams, I would ensure an ability to get onto lists.  It is also worth considering when reviewing your retention and growth ideas for 2021.  Hopefully, this post will get on your list to share this post.  If you liked this post I recommend reading Marketing is and if you are into podcast here are the best marketing and growth podcasts. […]

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