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Marketing Is

If you were to break down Marketing you would be able to break down Marketing into a simple list.

For someone who has worked in Marketing for twenty years, Marketing has always had the same foundations.

It has always had the same core pillars to succeed and can be broken down into just a handful of things.

Marketing Is

  • The action – the action you want people to take, the action your product makes you take.
  • The problem – the problem you are answering, the problem you are solving, the problem that happens and you need help with.
  • The product – the product you offer, the product your customer needs now or the product your customer needs next.
  • The content – the content you have created, the content your customer has created, the thing that makes your customers content (happy).
  • The company – the company you are, the company you represent, the company you keep, the company you want to be.
  • The industry – the industry you represent, the industry that it needs to be, the industry that makes you who you are.
  • The vertical – the vertical you are in, the vertical you are building.
  • The opportunity – the opportunity you are offering, the opportunity you are making, the opportunity that was provided to you and your business.
  • The next step – the next step the customer needs to take, the next step you have to take, the next step the wider industry has to take.

Marketers have struggled to communicate their action plans (action plans or plans of action is the annual plan you and your department are going to take versus having to have numerous strategies) and ‘the why’ they are recommending their list of tactics and actions.

Many Marketing Leaders have stepped too far away or are too close to management teams to really break down Marketing into its simplest form and then struggled to communicate why they are going to take specific actions.

This erodes trust quickly.

As I mentioned in RIP to the CMO role (deck embedded below), this has to change.

The next time you look to explain and demonstrate what Marketing is and what you (and your team) are looking to achieve, this is a list you can run through and explain and build out underneath these headings.

This might seem simple however by having these as subcategory headings you will enable the whole organisation to understand and get behind your Marketing streams.

Next time you want to build out your quarterly plan or annual action plan consider how you integrate this with my 9p’s process: Problem, Pick, Plan, Prepare, Predict, Present, Preview, Prove, Proof

Lastly, if you are building out only one skill for your Marketing team, ensure it is resilience.

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