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Must Reads Of The Week

Must reads of the week

Top 5 Of The Week

?1. How a man won 14 lotteries, well gamed them…. –

?2. How Facebook’s 2 to 1 male to female workers could be the fix to fake news –

?3. Want to know why the boxing community is so annoyed with the YouTuber fight? It’s all about the ?

?4. Buffer have created a state of remote work, interesting reactions to it on Twitter, my own personal take; remote workers and people not based in the office have dedicated time slots to work in and for attention, those who are based in the office become part of the furniture –
Their deck 

State of Remote Work 2018 [Data & Analysis] from Buffer

?5. How one Northern Fish and Chip shop became a Chinese tourism hotspot –


This nike advert is ?

And one from UFC ?- 


?Interesting deep dive into escape rooms craze –

?How pizza chain domino’s capture the hearts and wallets of Americans again –

?Can “the hill” chart help you and your team? 

?Here is the machine learning guide from Google –

?Buzzfeed are looking for readers to support them (like The Guardian) – Here is an interview with the owner Jonah Peretti discussing the state of the media –
BF are also doubling down in contextual sales –

?Not a surprise, incognito browsing isn’t as private as people think –

?Apple is going all in with iPhone X –

?Podcasts are big business for those with deals, how Spotify is going for the (windowing) semi-exclusive model (with ‘big names’) –

?The scooter / last mile industry is fascinating and San Fran dealt a blow to larger companies by picking two new start ups –

?Interesting look at how US Sports giant Dick’s blamed Under Armour for poor performance –

?People are buying McDonalds stocks as their app usage is up by 20% –

Social Media

Good look at how young adults are considering their lives on social media –

?Facebook is going after sharing schemes (a tactic that is a share for a share model, that smaller and developing page owners) –

?How actress Blake Lively controls the haters on instagram –

?Everything great starts small, how Instagram founder / CEO looks at IGTV –

?Another great article from Andrew Chen, when and why Uber for x fails –

??Swedish election is being impacted by Twitter bots –

Flashback of the week: Steve Jobs on managing people –

Watch the full interview ⬇️

?What it means if slow walkers make you annoyed or worse… –

Other good things to read

?A look at the latest refresh of bare-knuckle boxing (it’s the new hangout for fallen UFC stars) –

Ⓜ️The look at the secret tube map in London –

?A fascinating look at tourism around the whale shark –

?Random one of the week: KFC will pay to name your child specificfc name –

Videos of the week

?9 things YCombinator leader learnt from starting YC –

?Jameela Jamil talks her new project and her past and future

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