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My Coaching Principles

During my leadership coaching and onboarding process with Marketing leaders and Growth leaders, we run through my coaching principles.

Coaching principles are essential to help create importantly guardrails for what the coaching will be and more importantly won’t be.

Below are my coaching 14 principles:

Coaching Pillars:
1/ Focus 2/ Development 3/ Personal & Professional Growth.

  1. Respect – for all in all situations, respect each other’s time, energy and requirements
  2. Curiosity – to guide, learn and mature
  3. Career Development – Everything we will do is for your career development — all for short, mid and long-term success 
  4. No band-aids – we will never plaster over a situation or add a band-aid to something that needs deeper work 
  5. Undo to build: We will undo the bad conditioning and the mimicking of previous bosses 
  6. It’s YOU focused – all the work will be to improve you, it’s never about me, I will tell you stories, share experiences and offer frameworks and templates to help YOU. 
  7. Always Grow: I don’t “fix”, I help you grow and grow the skills we identify as areas of improvement 
  8. Questions for better answers: I will ask a lot of questions to get you to the answer – I won’t give you the answers, we work through solutions and frameworks 
  9. Titles never matter – you can be the Head of a “small brand” or CEO of a fortune 500 business, titles do not matter, what matters is your development 
  10. Ego’s won’t be tolerated   
  11. Bad attitudes do not work ever 
  12. Co-build – We will share problems and co-build solutions – but I’m not a therapist 
  13. Guidance – I will guide you, I will provide guidance on team issues, with performance issues and with your career. 
  14. I will never give you the quick answer – quick answers don’t help you grow 

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