What part of the sales funnel is your content and content marketing

I was recently invited to speak at a Forwardww (a content specialist WPP sister agency).

I was asked to concentrate and talk from an SEO point of view on the sales funnel and how to leverage content marketing.
The event had some good speakers covering many subjects including leveraging big data, how content marketing is playing a large part of Amex holidays growth and what take aways can we use from print media.
As SEO is essential part of successful holistic marketing campaign, I wanted to break the presentation down into digestible chunks and help people think where their latest content marketing efforts are and could potentially go in the near future.


What Part Of The Sales Funnel Is Your Content & Content Marketing – SEO Focus from Danny Denhard

Here are a few notes for you to think about while going through the deck.

Content Marketing

In content marketing we are all fighting for attention and it is important to understand this when creating compelling content.

What is content currently being used and know for:
Phase 1: Awareness
Phase 2: Branding & marketing
Phase 3: Advertising
Phase 4: User sign ups, sales, re-purchasing


There are 3 types of content marketing

1. Brand led – All these activities push customers to their site or act as remember when in store.
2. Content Marketing to help SEO – All of this type of activities push consumers & press to discuss and link to campaigns
3. Optimised Content Marketing (SEO) – discipline to make the consumer happy, educate them and help them with their decision or purchase process.

SEO is:

SEO is far more than the expensive department.
SEO done right now is about user experiences

This is what people think SEO is:
People think SEO as

But SEO really is:
SEO in content marketing is
All of these points are about answering the consumers question(s), helping decisions and making the right purchase, by leveraging content marketing SEO can be more engaging and help users far more than just sending visitors to dull or typical landing pages.

The Content Marketing Funnel

Introducing the content marketing funnel and what channels work the best and where.

The content marketing sales funnel

Lastly its important, I think it is important for people to remember what we can understand from behavioural economics.

The SEO edition of behavioural economics

Now with all this in mind, a couple of questions for you:

  • Do you know where your content marketing sits and what discipline works where?
  • Do you think your SEO is answering enough questions and help your users? Could it be doing more?

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