The Future State Podcast

The future state podcast is a podcast discussing the future state of industries and verticals between Nick Walter (CEO of XR art firm) and myself.

Why Listen?

  • We offer deep dives and analysis into important verticals and culture-defining industries
  • A blend between experience and research that offers insights and enables listeners to see and shape the future
  • Once a month we record a shark tank/dragon den style pitch episode of ideas we have had or itches we keep coming back to.

The Future State Of Content Podcast with Beth Gladstone, Nick Walter & Danny Denhard The Future State Of Podcast

Beth Gladstone owner of Built By Content joins this weeks future state of podcast with Danny Denhard & Nick Walter. We discuss everything content related, and go deep into the future state of content, including channels like TikTok, YouTube Shorts aka micro content, why video is a must for most not all and what we can learn from Paris Hilton, the rise of long form content and why automation and SEO will always be essential channels.  Connect With Beth Check out Beth's agency – https://www.builtbycontent.com Her instagram filled with recommendation – https://www.instagram.com/bethbycontent/ Or  On LinkedIn https://www.linkedin.com/in/beth-gladstone/ Take Away Moments  Beth's Quotables  Brands need a mission to guide all content (look at Oatly & Olio for brand inspiration)  The questions to ask if you are struggling with content:  Q. What is the aim here? Q. Why do you want to do that? Q. Does that map back to the overall company goals? – Beth  Vanity metrics seem great but don't get obsessed by them and what they need   Danny's Quotables   Make art not content – make art that is not lost in social feeds  E I E Framework: educate, inspire and entertain. The core pillars that people should build content around Nick's Quotables "the normal kind of VR production for example, is like producing a video game. Or a short film or something like that. It's very, very labor intensive, very expensive. You're talking 50,000 upwards to create a one-off VR experience that doesn't really live on. You know, it's an experience you have and once you've had it, once you're very unlikely to return to it, unless it's significant"  The Future State Of Content Predictions Beth's  Longer form content  Content automation Mini docuseries for B2C brands (B2B brands have led the way for years) Programmatic SEO More experience based content – multi touch content  Nick's  AR & VR content creation tools  A lot more interactive content that we will be engaged with and seeking out  Content that drives the physical not just the digital  Danny's  – Experiences – Creator editor role – Live stream come and go for most – Live debate — duet remixing – CCTV style content – Art not content. NFTs prime example – Search vs discovery vs paywall  Want to listen to the future state of content again, jump tp to 43 mins for the predictions  
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Fixing The Broken World Of Work

A podcast dedicated to helping people fix the broken world of work.

I am joined by five different guests from the software CEO to Head of Company Culture to a positive psychology coach to a business transformation coach.

Why Listen?

  • Hear actionable steps to improve work for you and your colleagues
  • Hear insights and actual plans to copy and roll-out
  • Understand why coaches are an essential part of improving work and the workplace
  • How hybrid is going to be the only solution for people and businesses

Fixing The Broken World Of Work With Briony Gunson 🧘‍♀️ – Focus Podcast With Danny Denhard Fixing The Broken World Of Work Podcast

This episodes guest Briony Gunson (https://brionygunson.com/) is a business + mindset coach, meditation teacher + trauma-informed breathwork trainer, Briony helps individuals and businesses to improve.  Follow Briony across social – LinkedIn, Instagram, YouTube.  The Links:  Briony's Introduction Video On YouTube Podcast: Aubrey Marcus – not about the world of work but psychology, spirituality, human potential + behaviour Book: Breath: The New Science of a Lost Art  by James Nestor Newsletter: Brain pickings AKA The Marginalian has a free Sunday digest of the week’s most mind-broadening and hear Sign up to Briony's Friday Feels newsletter: https://bit.ly/3AiEOv9 – Briony archives them on her blog.  Listen to Briony's guided meditations on Insight Timer, e.g. this is a popular one: https://insighttimer.com/brionyg/guided-meditations/letting-go-meditation-12-minutes Briony also recommended Kirsty Hulse's work (Kirsty is great and gets my co-approval) Briony takes us on a journey of: Mental health and why it is so important to be aware of How mental health is evolving How your mental health can help to transform physical health Why early morning open-air swims have been so important Therapy and therapists role in peoples lives Why breathwork is so important Why our bodies are driven by our breath and controlling our breath Why Yoga is vital to so many of us Personal development starts with you Everyone is facing similar challenges – it's how you find the best course of action Why retreats are going to so popular and a necessary part of life and work You are the expert of yourself – why starting to listen to yourself and your body is so important
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