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Coaching Is A Tweaked Recipe Each Time

We are taught in business anything we can scale and ‘template’ is efficient. 

Much of what we do is a copy or tweak of something we have performed previously. 

We make a copy, sometimes we tweak it slightly and use it continually. 

Rightly or wrongly the same cycle happens until it breaks or someone helps us to optimise it.

Over the last ten years, I have coached a number of professionals and executives and something that has truly stood out, (obvious saying this out loud) coaching has to be hyper-targeted and created differently every time.

Flexibility Within A Framework 

Ever since I have heard this saying, flexibility within a framework I have
Particularly true with coaching.

Create a system that is proven and works, however, you should never just use the same materials and as someone who is looking to be coached, truly understand how you will be treated uniquely and differently from others. 

Patrick Mouratoglou (is tennis’ greatest player of all time Serena Williams’ coach) suggested in a recent interview that as a coach you have to create a specific new recipe each time and I completely agree. 

Coaching is something that has to be a tweaked recipe every time. 

Patrick and co have unique and close bonds to their players, being able to observe their players and then create their bespoke plan for each player. 

They then practise, practise, practise, they practise until permanent.  
(this is one of the great football coaches Bobby Robson’s famous quote)

Be The Best Partnership 

For marketing and growth coaches, observing your player is not always an option, it is however important to replace this and truly understand your player and 

You have to understand: 

  • The players motives 
  • Their mindset 
  • Their skills 
  • Their spoken and unspoken strengths 
  • Their weakness and where we need to tweak and improve 
  • Their flaws and the traps they set themselves 
  • Where the player wants to improve 
  • What the company needs from their leader 
  • And importantly where they have to improve to become a leader not a manager 

The best coaches in the world set truly actionable attainable goals for their players, understanding what is a short term goal and then what are the pairs long term goals. 

Know The Commitment 

I always set up a matching call, it is important that the coach and the player is going to match well and you know how serious the player will take the coaching and development. 

I set homework, I set tasks, I create a plan for you specifically to improve. 

For you to develop, grow and become the best executive you can be, you will need to be fully committed to your coach and the process applied.   

Time is of the essence for everyone therefore getting the skill development and bang for your buck is imperative for both coach and player. 

After Session One, Become A Teacher

One important piece of advice for all players (marketing leaders), whatever you learn in your coaching, whatever skills and methods you pick up, I implore you to teach those around you and become a skills teacher.  

If you need more information on whether paid coaching or mentoring is what you need read this detailed post.

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