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Do You Have A Silent Mentor?

There are a number of people who silently mentor me from afar, they definitely do not know I exist and definitely wouldn’t know the impact they have had on my career and my life.

These are what I and many others call a silent mentor

I love learning from other businesses, I love listening and unpicking what makes others tick and their business tick and applying into businesses I help, people I mentor or those I coach

Learn From Multiple Silent Mentors

My learnings can come from social media updates, books they have written, stories they have told on podcasts, interviews they share tidbits of information on or masterclasses they have run or participated on. 

These people don’t have to be the most successful CEO’s or founders of businesses, I often learn the most from those who have failed and are on their way back up.

The most honest and open conversations are the best and most unassuming as they are just telling their story, their truth or sharing an antidote that they found interesting. 

Big companies rarely allow any secrets to be told, they rarely allow c-suite or V level staff to open the playbook and share secrets or insights that aren’t on quarterly earning reviews or something that didn’t become public years earlier. 

Don’t Let Age Restrict Your Silent Mentorship

I love speaking to people of all ages, your life is an opportunity to learn from everyone and of all ages.

You can learn so much more about fear from kids than you can from a highly successful middle-aged CEO from a SaaS company. 

I particularly enjoy learning from older people, who made things work when there was less to no tech, had fewer distractions, less noise and were more focused and more deliberate to win their battle. 

Do you have someone who acts as a mentor that you have never met, never spoken to or maybe never seen? 

Consider how you might learn from silent mentors. My recommendation, keep a detailed note (in your notes app of choice like a notion file) or swape-file with their lessons, their teaching and what actions you are going to take.

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