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What Is The Most Important Skill For Marketers?

Recently I have been asked about the most important skill for Marketers (more specifically in H2 2021) and my answer is simple…  Why? As a Marketer you will need to have bags of resilience:  When a campaign doesn’t quite land – you will need to show resilience. More channels are more work for most Marketing […]

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Take Control Of Your Career

2020 Has been a challenge for everyone, your career won’t slow down if you don’t let it, here are a few steps to taking ownership and control of your career for 2021.


Content Marketing Podcast with Render Positive

I was invited to be interviewed for Render Positives third video podcast. I really enjoyed their original podcast with ad legend Rory Sutherland (definitely check out his interview) and was great to be involved in this podcast. My interview was just over an hour (kindly edited by the RP team) and covers: Content marketing and […]