The Future State Podcast

Over the last month a friend Nick Walter and I have been recording a new podcast.

The Future State podcast is 50 to 65 minutes of us talking about the future state of specific industries.

We research each area, we discuss and debate the vertical and the key players and then we break down the history, the current situation and then where we predict that industry will go to with our c-suite hat on.

The first four episodes have been well received and cover:

  • The future state of work (link to full the future state of work transcript)
  • The future state of conferences
  • The future state of football
  • The future state of brand partnerships and endorsements

Here is a sneak peek of this week’s episode, including my rant about how important the culture community manager will be for designing the hybrid office

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The Future State Of The High Street Podcast The Future State Podcast

The Future State Of The High Street 🛍  Nick and I to discuss the important elements of the high street and answer the important questions:The challenge of the high streetThe history of the high street was to address the needWhy the evolution of butchers and grocers were so important in shaping today’s landscapeThe community and local aspect of the high street and the importance of retailIs the Poundlound IPO a sign of potential promising times?The question that we should consider: Did fast fashion outlets kill the high street or was it online marketplaces? Thinking more than just eBay, Amazon, the newer marketplaces like, notonthehighstreet & EtsyAre high streets, shopping centres, retail parks considered the same thing or are they all competing?Why immersive experiences are the way to goWhy Google, Amazon and Apple have stores as essential brand extensionsWhat’s coming next… a brighter more integrated high street?
  1. The Future State Of The High Street Podcast
  2. The Future State of VR
  3. The Future State Of Voice
  4. The Future State Of Work
  5. The Future State Of Conferences
  6. The Future State Of Football – The European Super League

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Office Politics Are Optional

This blog was prompted by speaking to a number of company founders and big company leadership teams.

Here is the worst kept secret no-one wants to discuss at the moment:

Office Politics Is Optional.

It might feel like they are not.

It might feel like your organisation is set up to reward the political, the people who play games, or play the game.

In truth most businesses do not have a company culture that is set up to allow non political behaviour to win.

Management teams rarely gain feedback around office politics and do not work with teams to remove this.

So yes, unfortunately, companies reward people playing the game because they are often unaware of stuck in a game of political chess.

However there is hope, if you are a leader step up, if not you can step up and collaborate!

Leaders, It’s Time To Lead!

If you are in a position to influence and change this, call out this bad behaviour.

Call out when people are playing the game, using situations for personal gain or hoarding clout.

The only way to improve the office environment and company culture is to address known issues and bad behaviour.

It’s Time To Join Forces

If you feel you are not in the position to call out office politics directly, speak to colleagues and collate a number of examples of office politics and when they happen and take it collectively to your management teams and HR team and work proactively with these managers to step up and remove office politics.

Q4 2020 and early 2021 is the time businesses are going to:

  • Have to proactively collaborate, identify the behaviours they want to start, stop and continue
  • Have to address bad work practises
  • Improve internal communications
  • It is the time businesses have to step up and remove bad working environments
  • As importantly leaders are going to have to step up and lead!

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