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5 Timeless Growth Videos

I am often asked for timeless videos to share with Growth advisory clients or their teams. So here are five I commonly share that doesn’t dive into tactics but will help open up different conversations and think a level up before diving into the tactical side of Growth: How to start a movement Why herding […]

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“Bring your own algorithm”

Recently Twitter co-founder and current CEO Jack Dorsey suggested that they would consider allowing users to bring your own algorithm to Twitter. On the surface this is not the worst idea, why? Users could decide what algorithm works for them (it should work more like filters) and what they would like to see. I imagine […]

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Content Diet

Is it time you go on a content diet?  We consume more content than ever before.  I believe our daily scrolling now exceeds the height of the Eiffel Tower.  We are bombarded with content, we cannot really get away from content of all shapes and sizes, quantity has overtaken quality, it’s a battleground; the good, […]