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5 Timeless Growth Videos

I am often asked for timeless videos to share with Growth advisory clients or their teams.

So here are five I commonly share that doesn’t dive into tactics but will help open up different conversations and think a level up before diving into the tactical side of Growth:

How to start a movement

Why herding and 25% effect turns into a movement

1% Better Every Day

This is important viewing as 1% improvements are often disregarded

The Story Behind Musically (TikTok)

Why culture and thinking differently really matters

Focus On Your Northstar

Why having one north star metric is essential in growing to huge audiences. Chamath speaks so much sense and truth here, you will learn many lessons in many different situations after watching this.

How to explain your product

Snap’s always been difficult to understand for non core users, if you cannot explain your product this simply, you will have issues


Five Communication Tips For Leaders

Communication is always the hardest element of any job. Especially when you are a manager or a leader of a business.
Being able to: talk simply, write important updates, to cut through the noise on instant messages, to explain hard decisions, explaining the next action plan or importantly asking for help are all essential elements of leadership communication.

Here are five tips for leaders to take on and improve communication for you and those you work with closely and influence those around you.

Post-It Note Comms – Clear communication comes from understanding the subject matter simply if you cannot explain it simply, you likely do not understand it simply enough. Take the time to understand and explain it as simply as possible. If you cannot explain it by writing on one post-it note you likely need to try and explain it again.

Small Notepad & Pen – always have a tiny notepad where you can write the points you have to get across. Write in forms of bullet points and have trigger words that help you explain your point clearly and concisely.
Military leaders to astronauts to elite sports coaches (including Jose Mourinho in the Amazon all or nothing series) all carry around notepads and pens and use this technique.

One Channel For Essential Communications – we all struggle to get a message to cut through as we are overloaded with communication channels. Agree with your teams and or department which channel is for essential news. There should then be no excuse for missing important comms updates.

Decision Document – Create one home for all decisions that are essential and important for everyone to know and understand. Unknown knowns kill companies inside out. Ensure you have a decision document or hub where all important decisions are marked out and a record is kept. Always assign a date and a follow up where possible.
Notion, Google Docs or Confluence are all popular choices.

20 Minute Planning – Each week block out twenty minutes planning sessions where you plan out your week, the priorities and how you are going to discuss and communicate all actions. This twenty minutes will help you centralise your thoughts, prioritise what to communicate. A twenty-minute wrap-up block is also something I recommend when coaching or mentoring leadership teams.

Bonus: A sitdown session as leadership teams are some of the most interesting and useful 10 – 30 minutes of any week. Have one person who takes more informal notes of wins and upcoming challenges and shares these, the two little ways to get strides forward for the week ahead.

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Proactive Management For Personal And Team Development

The last few months have been hard for everyone, many managers have had the hardest time, supporting their teams and supporting themselves through the crisis. 

There has been no guide on how to handle this situation or be great for everyone. 

The last couple of months have been difficult, there have been reduced team sizes, furloughing and redundancies alongside having to be scrappy, survive and drive the company forward and no doubt you have had to cut your marketing and growth spend with budget cuts.

You could be one of the lucky ones and saw your company and teams performance actually thrive. 

The near future is going to be another challenge but one which should be clearer and offers the chance to step up and help develop those around you.

It is imperative to use your EQ and IQ with this exercise!

Be Proactive 

In the coming weeks, it is essential for Marketing and Growth leads to step up and drive personal and professional development of their team members.

Q4 is often the most important period for businesses, ending the year hitting or succeeding the annual goals, seeing your plan and all the hard work pay off is one of the treats towards Christmas.
Something that is important towards the end of Q4 is boosting the team’s confidence into a new year, this provides a the right foundation to develop the individual and team skills and start the new year in high spirits and confidence to develop again.

Mentor and Coaching

As previously mentioned in mentor or coach it will be essential to arrange either an internal mentor or coach or bring in the right external coach or mentor.

Professional development should be something that is automatically thought of and prioritised, unfortunately speaking to a number of Marketers and Growth practitioners recently this has not been the case.  

I challenge you to set up 2021 for success, work with your team members and help them decide what they require. 

The new year is often when staff members question their role within organisations and look to move on, ‘new year, new start’, if you would like to keep your team together and make your team members feel valued, get ahead and use the following method. 

Question Yourself Before The Team

Before you look to ask a series of questions, take a step back and run a SWOT analysis on the team, the team members and the supporting agencies.

Here are a list of important questions to ask yourself about you and the team:

  • Are there core skill gaps? 
  • Are there obvious steps you can take to develop out your team?
  • Are there easy lunch and learns you can set up?
  • Do we have the right staff and agency mix? 
  • Could we retender our agency work?
  • If we were to shuffle the pack what role would benefit us most? 
  • Who is the internal influencer we need to keep motivated? 
  • Can we arrange guest speakers or remote sessions to benefit the team? 
  • Would an internal conference be beneficial? 
  • Which teams aren’t working closely together? 
  • How can I bring the teams closer together as a department? 
  • Could you arrange a captain and champion system? 
  • If we were to lose one team member, who would it be and what would be the impact? 

These are important questions to answer honestly, I would recommend that you run through twice on your own and then run through with someone on a similar level to you to get honest and direct feedback.

Remember these questions are for the benefit of the team and the team’s performance, this, in turn, will help to develop the team, while you are helping individuals to develop and where possible share knowledge and round out specialists, and help to improve important generalists.

Questions To Ask Your Team Members

  • What skills do you feel you can work on?
  • What marketing or growth skills do you feel our team could develop on? 
  • Where do you see yourself in: 
    • Six months? 
    • One year? 
    • Three years? 
  • Do you see yourself as a generalist or specialist? 
    • Would you like to change this? 
  • If there was one change you wanted to make about your role what would it be and why?
  • Where do you see your future laying within Marketing or Growth?
  • Is there a specific Marketing discipline you would love to learn more about?
  • Are you self learning currently?
    • Is there a development area we can support you on?  

Once you have collated these answers and understand the direction you would like to take the team and develop out your team members, action these, start with smart internal steps to help build momentum, create milestones so you understand how far you and the team have come, revisit your budget and where possible or relevant reassign these to external coaches.

Personal Development As A Marketing Leader 

Question: How would I benefit from these questions and where can I improve and develop?

This process will help you develop as a people manager and coach but also as a leader.

Developing out your team and team members do take time but it is invaluable for the team’s cohesion, for team members development and for the company’s performance. 

You will see bumps, however, you will see improvements short, mid and long term and celebrate wins, micro wins all roll up to huge change. 

Take the challenge. I dare you. 

Blog Note: This article was written for Heads of, Director and VP / C Suite members but importantly many senior managers and upcoming stars can use this framework too and should openly and proactively go and speak to the bosses about rolling this out.