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The Best Marketing Newsletters To Subscribe To

Yes I know you are probably shouting, Email newsletter fatigue and no more newsletters, however, I am subscribed to a huge number of newsletters and find these particularly useful on a daily basis.

Here are the best Marketing Newsletters to consider subscribing to.


Axios newsletter is more than just Marketing but leans towards blending business, marketing and politics. When don’t these areas blend in 2020/20201? I have been a long term subscriber and can honestly say it is some of the best newsletter writing and a pleasure to receive every Tuesday.

Why subscribe? You will always learn something, have something to take away and talk to friends about and their exclusives are brilliantly reported.

Marketing Brew

The new kid on the block, Marketing Brew is a six times a week newsletter, wrapping up the important movements in the marketing world. The commentary is brilliant and layout makes it feel less like another newsletter and more like a must reads email that you will have FOMO if you didn’t read. It’s well worth I love Morning Brew their main brand.

Why subscribe? Feel on top of the days news and the important updates while being entertained.

Marketing Daily Drive

Another six days a week newsletter, Marketing Daily Drive appears a long read but is short, sharp and often the less covered news in the other newsletters. The Daily Drive series is great and I subscribe and include a number of their stories in Must Reads every Friday.

Why subscribe? Keep on top of important goings on and find the information you might have missed out.

Marketing Examples

Chances are you have seen Harry’s breakdown on Twitter or LinkedIn, they are full of learnings and provides great information to marketers and growth people of all experience levels.

Why subscribe? The recent teardown of the Molly Mae give away is informative, packed with insights, and offers smart takes

CMO Today

I like to think of CMO Today as the lunch time must read newsletter, arrives midday in the UK and breakfast time in the US. CMO Today quotable and commentary in the brand and agency world are always brilliantly written and offers a peer behind the door of advertising and marketing world many Marketers just don’t see.

Why subscribe? CMO Today is one of those newsletters that feels like a well respected ex colleagues writes and you just trust.

And of course

Must Reads

Coming up for two years officially on substack but I have been curating for a number of years on Medium and even included on dannydenhard previously.

Why subscribe? I cover the worlds of marketing, growth, business, product and offer my unique take on the world and inspire you with articles you have most likely not read anywhere else.

Join hundreds of professionals from the likes of Google, Facebook, EA, start up founders and great leaders already enjoying their weekly dose of Must Reads.

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