The Future State Podcast

Over the last month a friend Nick Walter and I have been recording a new podcast.

The Future State podcast is 50 to 65 minutes of us talking about the future state of specific industries.

We research each area, we discuss and debate the vertical and the key players and then we break down the history, the current situation and then where we predict that industry will go to with our c-suite hat on.

The first four episodes have been well received and cover:

  • The future state of work (link to full the future state of work transcript)
  • The future state of conferences
  • The future state of football
  • The future state of brand partnerships and endorsements

Here is a sneak peek of this week’s episode, including my rant about how important the culture community manager will be for designing the hybrid office

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The Future State Of Social Media & Social Networks Podcast – With Danny Denhard & Nick Walter The Future State Of Podcast

The Future State Of Social Media  For full notes and insights jump over to the newsletter – where Nick and I share our research, analysis and deeper insights.   Social media dictates so many things about our lives and for many it dictates how we interact, how we are portrayed and how we communicate with friends, family and strangers.  Facebook's strong hold on social media might just be loosening but their user numbers are incredible:   We see over 2.9 billion (that’s 50% of the world’s adult population) use Facebook monthly, Over 2b MAU's on WhatsApp, 1.3billion MAU on messenger (the product) And over one billion active users on Instagram. The latest App Annie report shows you how social media has evolved over the last decade and there is a new powerhouse taking over our phones and therefore our time and that is TikTok, the most popular downloaded app over the last 9 months and been riding the way of fun and entertaining shorter form videos for the last three years. Nick and Danny go through:  Tthe good, the bad and the ugly of social media  How social media has changed in recent years How social media is now social-tainment and not based on graphs anymore (and everyone is changing the way their algorithms work to pull more time and attention from you  Why innovation and new social networks struggle to be built and gain traction  Email was the first and still one of the most powerful social networks   Should new platforms like only fans be considered social media? Spoiler Nick doesn't agree with the social element to it   Stay tuned for Danny's rants on: Why Marketing departments are ruining their own efficiencies by spray and praying across all of the social networks  Examples used in the podcast  The NFL Carolina Panthers Mixed Reality plan for social Twitter communities – changing how twitter works for private invite only groups  Connect with:  Danny on LinkedIn or sign up to his weekly newsletter  Nick on LinkedIn
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