The Future State Podcast

Over the last month a friend Nick Walter and I have been recording a new podcast.

The Future State podcast is 50 to 65 minutes of us talking about the future state of specific industries.

We research each area, we discuss and debate the vertical and the key players and then we break down the history, the current situation and then where we predict that industry will go to with our c-suite hat on.

The first four episodes have been well received and cover:

  • The future state of work (link to full the future state of work transcript)
  • The future state of conferences
  • The future state of football
  • The future state of brand partnerships and endorsements

Here is a sneak peek of this week’s episode, including my rant about how important the culture community manager will be for designing the hybrid office

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The Future State Of Content Podcast with Beth Gladstone, Nick Walter & Danny Denhard The Future State Of Podcast

Beth Gladstone owner of Built By Content joins this weeks future state of podcast with Danny Denhard & Nick Walter. We discuss everything content related, and go deep into the future state of content, including channels like TikTok, YouTube Shorts aka micro content, why video is a must for most not all and what we can learn from Paris Hilton, the rise of long form content and why automation and SEO will always be essential channels.  Connect With Beth Check out Beth's agency – Her instagram filled with recommendation – Or  On LinkedIn Take Away Moments  Beth's Quotables  Brands need a mission to guide all content (look at Oatly & Olio for brand inspiration)  The questions to ask if you are struggling with content:  Q. What is the aim here? Q. Why do you want to do that? Q. Does that map back to the overall company goals? – Beth  Vanity metrics seem great but don't get obsessed by them and what they need   Danny's Quotables   Make art not content – make art that is not lost in social feeds  E I E Framework: educate, inspire and entertain. The core pillars that people should build content around Nick's Quotables "the normal kind of VR production for example, is like producing a video game. Or a short film or something like that. It's very, very labor intensive, very expensive. You're talking 50,000 upwards to create a one-off VR experience that doesn't really live on. You know, it's an experience you have and once you've had it, once you're very unlikely to return to it, unless it's significant"  The Future State Of Content Predictions Beth's  Longer form content  Content automation Mini docuseries for B2C brands (B2B brands have led the way for years) Programmatic SEO More experience based content – multi touch content  Nick's  AR & VR content creation tools  A lot more interactive content that we will be engaged with and seeking out  Content that drives the physical not just the digital  Danny's  – Experiences – Creator editor role – Live stream come and go for most – Live debate — duet remixing – CCTV style content – Art not content. NFTs prime example – Search vs discovery vs paywall  Want to listen to the future state of content again, jump tp to 43 mins for the predictions  
  1. The Future State Of Content Podcast with Beth Gladstone, Nick Walter & Danny Denhard
  2. The Future State of Wrap Up 2021 And The Future State of 2022 🔮
  3. The Future State Of Saving & Discounts – Black Friday Special Podcast With Danny Denhard & Nick Walter
  4. The Future State Of Meta Aka Facebook 👍 or 👎
  5. The Future State Of Social Media Pitch Edition – Commentary Based Social Media Site ✅
  6. The Future State of NFT's Podcast with Danny Denhard, Nick Walter & Alex Moss 🖼

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