The Future State Podcast

Over the last month a friend Nick Walter and I have been recording a new podcast.

The Future State podcast is 50 to 65 minutes of us talking about the future state of specific industries.

We research each area, we discuss and debate the vertical and the key players and then we break down the history, the current situation and then where we predict that industry will go to with our c-suite hat on.

The first four episodes have been well received and cover:

  • The future state of work (link to full the future state of work transcript)
  • The future state of conferences
  • The future state of football
  • The future state of brand partnerships and endorsements

Here is a sneak peek of this week’s episode, including my rant about how important the culture community manager will be for designing the hybrid office

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The Future State of Wrap Up 2021 And The Future State of 2022 🔮 The Future State Of Podcast

Thanks for listening this year. Nick and I return to help recap 2021 and help you think about where 2022 is going and how to shape some of your thoughts:  The 2021 Wrap Up Episode  The most listened to The Future State of podcast(s) of the year: Listen to the previous podcasts here The Future State of NFT's The Future State Of Social Media & Social Networks Podcast The new email client  Nick’s app’s of 2021: Riverside – Why? For recording podcasts, webinars etc Canva – Why? Easy design Fiverr – Why? For cheap resources Apple podcast app – Why? For listening to podcasts Danny’s App’s of 2021: Product: iPad Pro 2021 – Why? Replaced my laptop and brilliant for multitasking and removing the need to have multiple devices. Apps: Podcast tool – Descript Why? Edit podcasts by word and phrases not – Why? App that helps to shape an organisation around communications and effective comms, like sending notes post meetings to all attendees. The Future State of 2022  Nick’s Predictions Life: Staycations Tech: Work – Private members clubs & branded workspacesMetaverse future – Apple's AR & VR (mixed) headsetTikTok continued dominance, NFT's become usable, Improvement in NFT's, Improved audio. Danny’s Predictions Life: First super app, New UGC platform, a boom in Payless stores, contactless and innovation in online purchases, BNPL moving towards digital banks and going after food space Work: Consolidation (Danny's consolidation blog post referenced) In banks, food delivery, shift to third place, hybrid future of work, huge IT hacks (Danny’s brother’s IT support and solutions company) Contact Nick and Danny Contact with ideas you would like Danny and Nick to record podcasts on Contact here to apply to appear on the show as a guest 
  1. The Future State of Wrap Up 2021 And The Future State of 2022 🔮
  2. The Future State Of Saving & Discounts – Black Friday Special Podcast With Danny Denhard & Nick Walter
  3. The Future State Of Meta Aka Facebook 👍 or 👎
  4. The Future State Of Social Media Pitch Edition – Commentary Based Social Media Site ✅
  5. The Future State of NFT's Podcast with Danny Denhard, Nick Walter & Alex Moss 🖼
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