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The Great Idea Partner Flow

I have been creating a lot of action plans and reviewing a number of pitches and ideas recently.

One of the biggest forms of frustration in business is the brainwave to idea to validate concept, some people just don’t have the right opportunity to presents, others don’t have the right partner.

I call this the great idea partner flow, finding the right idea partner or sparring partner makes all the difference. I have been lucky enough to find great sparring partners in life and work and they are often the difference.

Here is the great partner flow.

  • Great Idea Partner Flow - Danny Denhard

In the next few weeks I recommend seeking out your great idea partner, you are likely to want to find someone who offers a different point of view, someone who isn’t afraid to discuss the idea and use devils advocate but as important those to support you and help co-create and co-present where needed.

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