The Marketing Leaders Guide 2022

Every year I create a guide or ebook for Marketing leaders to improve the next year for them and their team or department. Last year was the brand book 2021, guiding Marketing and business leaders through brand building and development.

There is a lot of content out there but not a lot of high quality for Marketing leaders from other Marketing leads for free and is designed to help you with the year ahead.

Helping You For 2022

This year I asked a number of Marketing Leads (CMO’s, VP’s and Marketing Directors) to helpΒ answer 10 questions that will help you think differently, to consider shaping 2022 differently and understand if there are shifts within the marketing world you may not have considered.

The Marketing Leaders Guide

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A huge thanks to John Oberlin-Harris, Sophie Collins, Paul Lewis, Lorna Perrin, Charlotte Rush, Harry Lang, Jess Hall, Nick Bottai who answered the important questions for 2022 and beyond.

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John Oberlin-Harris 
Sophie Collins  
Paul Lewis 
Lorna Perrin 
Charlotte Rush 
Harry Lang 
Jess Hall 
Nick Bottai 
Danny Denhard 

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The 10 Questions 

  1. What was your biggest Marketing lesson from 2021? 
  2. What are the most important skills to have for Marketing leaders to succeed in 2022?
  3. Which skills are you looking for your team members to improve in 2022?
  4. What three skills are you going to personally improve in 2022?
  5. Which channel(s) do you expect to explode in popularity and must be used in 2022?
  6. Which brands really impressed you in 2021 and why? 
  7. What are your three big Marketing predictions for 2022?
  8. How would you recommend Marketing leaders keep their company up to date with important industry shifts and performance changes? 
  9. What is your best piece of advice for Marketing Leaders managing their fellow management team members?  
  10. Do you have two pieces of advice that will help Marketing leaders to thrive in 2022? 


Marketing Shifts 🎚

  • Sustainable businesses are top of mind and going to continue to be an important factor 
  • IRL and traditional advertising channels are going to have to be in your marketing mix 
  • Stop chasing the shiny new channel(s)  
  • Continue to look at more personalised channels, don’t overlook email & existing β€˜unsexy’ channels 
  • Organisational design is going to be vitally important

Collaboration 🀝

  • Be empathetic  
  • Marketing teams are going to have to come closer to the customer and collaborate far more closely with customer success and customer support teams 
  • Be deliberate with collaborating more and more effectively. Collaborate with the right departments and partners 
  • Relationship development is going to be essential in 2022, especially with the continued shift to hybrid.  


  • Tech shifts are going to be essential to stay on top of and understand where your company is 
  • We will hear a lot made about the metaverse – time to understand it  
  • It will be essential to understand the MarTech stack and understand how data is going to be a key driver for

ROI & Value πŸ“ˆ

  • Don’t just report and rely on dashboards – show the value and story 
  • Proving the value of Marketing is going to be front of mind 

Here are my full answers to the 2022 marketing leadership guide

The Marketing Leaders Guide to 2022 with Danny-Denhard

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